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Who are the crop circles creators?

Although we now know that crop circles are messages or signals from intelligent beings unknown to man and that these messages/signals are addressed to humankind, the identity of their originators/creators remains a key question and of course so does the meaning of these messages.

They seem to be immaterial beings or beings able to dematerialize: they could be called spiritual beings or – put differently – beings living in another dimension or in a different plane.

Two categories of crop circles... and two categories of creators

Two types of crop circles quite different from those which appeared in the UK in recent years.

Chilbolton figure and message - Chibolton - August 2001
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Chibolton message - Chibolton - August 2001
Photo © Lucy Pringle

One made in 2001 at the foot of the Chilbolton radio telescope observatory consisting of two parts: one being the representation of a “humanoid” face and the other a rectangle containing a dot matrix. They are called the Chilbolton messages, named for the nearby observatory (photos 1 and 2). This message was easily decoded when we realized that the crop circle looked very much like the visual representation of the message sent out into space by scientists in 1974 within a research program on the existence of alien intelligences in the universe. The (American) SETI program (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligences) – at the time conducted by Carl Sagan – sent out a coded message in the form of electromagnetic waves using the Arecibo telescope (Porto Rico).

Arecibo message ( 1974) versus Chilbolton message (2001)
Visual representation of the message broadcast by man out of Arecibo (1974)

When represented in a visual format (photo 3) this message shows a structure very similar to that of the message discovered in the Chilbolton field (photo 4). This establishes that the code used is the same but the fact that there are some differences between the two, demonstrates that it has to be a response to the Arecibo message. It was because the code was familiar that the response could be deciphered.

In the same way as the message sent out at Arecibo in 1974 represented man, the creators of this crop circle provide some indications as to their identity. But of course these indications are debatable as they don't provide any clear answers (see a possible interpretation put forth below).

Analysis of the Chilbolton message (2001)

The Arecibo and Chilbolton messages read top down.

  • In the upper line are figures from 1 to 10 expressed in binary coding. This line is identical in both messages.
  • In the Arecibo message, we have the atomic numbers of the main elements of the human DNA i.e. hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. A first difference appears in the Chilbolton response: the silicon element was added. This means that the authors of this response also have silicon in their DNA in addition to the elements we have in common.
  • Then as we go down the Arecibo message, we see the formulas covering 4 lines of the chemical nucleotides that make up the base of human DNA. The same molecular formulas show in the Chilbolton message. This tells us that the physical makeup of the Chilbolton message authors is very close to that of human beings.
Arecibo message ( 1974) versus Chilbolton message (2001)
  • Then we have a simplified schematic of the DNA molecule together with the number of basic nucleotides that make up the molecule. In the Chilbolton response, the DNA molecule is more complex.
  • And then underneath and in the center of the picture is a stick figure of a human being with the average height of an adult male (5ft 9.5 in). The element on the left is the worldwide population as it was in 1974 (4.29 billion). In the response message, the figure of the being is represented with a large head, a short body (3ft 3.5 in) and the population is 21.3 billion.
  • In the Arecibo message below we have a representation of the solar system with the sun on the right and its 9 planets. The third planet from the sun is shifted up to indicate that the human beings – originators of the message – live on this planet: planet Earth. The other 4 planets that follow are giant planets and are represented bigger in size.

We also have a 9-planet solar system in the Chilbolton response. This is relevant information on the system they occupy but the code we used was not meant to put in more accurate data. It just so happens that their solar system coincidentally has the same number of planets. But is it just a coincidence ? Let's go on the working assumption – even if it might sound fanciful – that both systems could be similar. In this hypothesis, the originators of the message live on the offset planets: n°3 the Earth, n°4 Mars and n°5 Jupiter. But the 5th planet is not simply represented as in the initial Arecibo message. In the response message we have a set of 4 “dots” that resemble the 4 satellites of Jupiter. Jupiter certainly is a gaseous planet and thus unfit for any kind of material life but it has 4 major telluric satellites (which Galileo Galilei was the first to observe with his astronomical telescope). Jupiter actually has a lot more satellites but of smaller sizes. This representation of what could be the 4 major satellites of Jupiter tends to give credence to our assumption.

Crop circle representing an antenna - Chibolton - August 2000
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • • At the bottom of the Arecibo message is a schematic representation of the telescope – with its geometric characteristics – used for the signal emission (the source of the signal can be seen in the center. It is symmetrically reflected downward by a mirror).

One would therefore expect to also find in the Chilbolton message a drawing of the instrument used for emitting the message but experts concur that what is to be seen in the representation is a (simplified) copy of a crop circle that appeared a year ago (in 2000) ... at the foot of the Chilbolton telescope (photos 5 and 6)! In this 2000 formation is an antenna represented by a fractal image: the central circle forks out into two circles to the right and to the left and then each one divides again into two and so on and every time ending with an ellipsis... like an electromagnetic beam that gradually divides as it spreads ad infinitum.

Observatory antenna and crop circle representing an antenna - Chibolton - August 2000

But the fact this antenna which supposedly was the instrument used to send out the Chilbolton message is situated at the foot of the observatory could lead one to believe that the message in question was broadcast from here. In other words, the originator would be here among us! Unthinkable as it is, this conclusion is worth considering.

Of course, this reasoning is debatable and is no proof whatsoever but at least it is coherent with the facts. It tends to prove that the author of the Chilbolton message is a humanlike being with a small body and a large head (compared to that of a human). The civilization he/she belongs to could very well be on several planets of our solar system (including our own planet !). Their body would probably not have the same density as ours if we consider they made this crop circle at the footstep of the observatory unnoticed: They would consequently have the ability to make themselves invisible by dematerializing... Sy-Fy or reality? Whatever it may be, the Chilbolton message was real.

Decoding the Crabwood message (2002)

Winchester figure and message - Pitt, near Winchester - August 2002
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Winchester figure and message - Pitt, near Winchester - August 2002
Photo © Lucy Pringle

The second crop circle of a different type appeared in 2002 at Crabwood, near the town of Winchester, in the same region as was the previous one. It also represented a face but of a different type (an alien type) associated with a disc containing like a “imprinted” message (photos 7, 8 and 9). In it is a string of “dots” lined up on a spiral-shaped pattern suggesting the form of a compact disc containing imprinted information on a read track. This message has been easily decoded because it actually was the translation in ASCII language (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) of a text written in English. The wording does not provide any clear response as to the identity of its author either but the face associated with it could signify it is an “extraterrestrial” being of a type different from man and also different from the creator of the Chilbolton message.

This crop circle is the first and latest as of today's date that contains a written message in a human language i.e. English transcribed into ASCIL language:

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Belive. There is good up there. We oppose deception.”

This enigmatic message is an invitation to prudence and good judgement and also to be on our guard against illusions...

These two crop circles are totally genuine and without equal: not only are they unique in that they represent a face as opposed to all of the others observed so far but they also are the only ones containing clear messages in an intelligible format addressed to man.

Winchester message - Pitt, near Winchester - August 2002
Photo © Lucy Pringle

This could indeed point to fraud but let's keep in mind that if we pick the example of the Chilbolton message it was achieved at the door step of the observatory in which many meteorologists work permanently and in a field there is no authorized access to.

Moreover the means of expression used in the first message (dot matrix in a rectangle) and in the second message (dots lined up on a spiral inside a circle) are also perfectly original. A number of recent formations do represent a disc and a string of dots but they are only bare geometric patterns without any coded messages in them.

And then again the thousands of crop circles that have been observed since the 1990s (when the crop circle creators had got past the segment and circle pattern stage) often display an obvious relationship with sacred geometry or with esoteric symbolism or even with math or physics theories etc. but they never contain an explicit or intelligible message as is the case in the two previous examples.

In the same way as crop circles are broken down into two different categories, the creators of genuine crop circles should also be broken down into two (or more) distinct categories.

The creators of the two crop circles
of the coded-message type

In the two coded messages, the first one describes a short-sized being (approx. 3 ft3 4) with a large head and the second one shows a face very different from that of a human being. This suggests that they have a body like we do but different from ours. These observations suggest they portray themselves as extraterrestrial beings of the “humanoid type” (using standard terminology).

These two crop circles seem to be designed to lead us to understand that two different extraterrestrial civilizations are present on Earth and have manifested themselves to us at least once. These two civilizations are more advanced than ours and their representatives live in a different dimension and have the ability to make themselves invisible to us.

And yet a more thorough analysis of the Chilbolton message leads to different conclusions. The indications contained in the message apparently contradict one another: On the one hand, the physical make-up of the author’s body is very close to that of the human body which tends to show that the author of the message could belong to the human species. But on the other hand more data such as their presence on three planets, their total population and their small size are elements that make them different from the human species.

These apparent contradictory indications however can be dissipated in the light of esoteric knowledge (virtually unknown) on human nature and in particular on anthropogenesis (the study of the origin and development of man). In view of a total match between these indications and ancient knowledge on human nature, it is clear that the author of the Chilbolton message belongs to the human species while being different and having reached a very high level of evolution. The content of the message even provides a surprisingly accurate portrait of the latter.

This interpretation, which we know requires ancient esoteric knowledge as a prerequisite, cannot be presented here within the limited framework of this site. You will find it in its entirety in the book entitled “Crop Circles: la révélation de Chilbolton” (“Crop circles: the Chilbolton revelation”).

This novel interpretation, which may come as surprising at first sight, finds support in the perfect consistency of all of the clues provided in the message. It has a far-reaching potential impact and prompts us to cast a new light on human nature.

However, let's keep in mind the difference between these two unique and exceptional crop circles and the thousands of others that belong to the other category (those which do not carry any explicit messages).

The creators of thousands of crop circles
of the geometric type

To sum it up, we know that crop circles are the work of intelligent and immaterial beings present among us and modern man has no knowledge of this because to modern man the only living beings on our planet are those of the animal world and human beings, knowing that humans are the only beings possessing intellect and a conscience. Isn't this what we've been taught?

This is why our questioning on the identity of the crop circle creators – as a matter of course – leads us to believe that these intelligent and immaterial beings come from outer space, hence the standard hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin. The Chilbolton and Winchester coded messages do support this hypothesis, and as a result, most people come to think their authors can only be very advanced creatures from another star system.

Photography of an elemental being
Photo © Maryse

In ancient times, people knew about spiritual beings on Earth, beings that the Judeo-Christian tradition called angels, archangels and the whole spiritual hierarchy described as beings more developed than man. They also knew about the existence of elemental beings – also called nature beings – as they master the forces of nature and plant growth, among other things. But our modern civilization, characterized by the predominance of intellect and rationality, by the technology which continues to expand in an exponential manner and by an ever-increasing bond with materialism, has made us lose our sensibilities to subtle things and has made us lose our intuitive sense. Our modern civilization has made us forget this knowledge, which has been obscured, and is now considered as myths or legends. And yet these legends and myths are part of the ancient history of all peoples everywhere in the world and we know that there is always a part of reality at the origin of these legends.

Photography of an elemental being
Photo © Maryse

Those who were born with a stronger gift of perception of subtle occurrences, like mediums and those with mental powers – and young children above all – have the ability to perceive and even see “nature elemental beings” in particular (13-14-15). Individuals who have the ability to see them can even photograph them (photos 10 and 11) and thereby provide evidence (subject to the condition that any kind of fraud has been ruled out for certain and the photo proven genuine).

Although this subject is little known, there are numerous testimonies of events involving a presence external to our world, which manifests itself to either save us from some imminent danger or during a near death experience (NDE) (16). We call this presence our guardian angel.

Man isn't the only intelligent species in the universe – nowadays this belief is more and more taken into consideration by scientists – but the human species isn't the only one species on Earth (17) (this hypothesis however is still far from being a widely held view). I believe that the terrestrial origin of crop circles (meaning they would be created by spiritual beings connected to the Earth and present among us) should be dug into. This hypothesis relies upon the knowledge that our ancestors had of these spiritual beings, and is completed by contemporary writings on the subject and current testimonies.

In order to answer the question “what spiritual beings manifest themselves through crop circles” it is necessary to have a broad enough knowledge of the spiritual world. But we have to admit that modern man has very little knowledge of this world. He has lost his perceptive faculties..

Hierarchy of spiritual beings on Earth

According to the history of religions as well as to contemporary spiritual philosophers (17-18-19), angels and archangels etc. are spiritual guides for humankind. These angelic beings do not materially manifest themselves to us (they are immaterial) and this is why we can't perceive them. They manifest themselves directly to our spirit without us being conscious of it and especially while asleep. Everyone of us has his own guardian angel throughout his life and can sense it in certain crucial circumstances. They are more advanced that man and there is a hierarchy between angels, archangels etc. One can get an idea of what these beings are like by portraying them as perfect entities who have developed all of the most noble qualities and are in the service of humankind. This concept of “hierarchy” – angels, archangels, etc. – is associated with the notion of evolution.

In the same way as there are beings that belong to a higher level in the hierarchy (superior to man) on the scale of evolution, such as angels and archangels, there are also beings at a lower level on the same scale who are slower evolutionary beings (inferior to man). They are called elemental beings (19-20-21). They are so called because they are associated with one of the following elements which altogether form our world : the element of earth, water, air and fire. “It is as if these elements had their respective scopes and territories. Man's scope is the whole planet and man feels like home in the whole universe.” (18)

This world of elemental beings is very complex, the very great variety of names that have been given to them is already evidenced : everyone is able of reading the tales in which fairies, elves, leprechauns, fauns, dwarfs, gnomes, undines, sylphs, etc. in some way intervene. We can get an idea by imagining them as pure spirits at the service of nature. They are in charge of the growth of plants for some, or in charge of putting harmony in a place for others, or in charge of guiding birds or insects in their migrations, etc.

Rudolf Steiner, philosopher and clairvoyant describes them as amazingly sharp and quick beings who immediately understand everything they perceive. They show great interest in their surroundings. “They have a sense which is above just seeing and hearing, a sense that instantly makes out what they see or hear, a sense that does not only receive impressions, a sense that picks out ideas everywhere. What they see, they know at the same time. Seeing and hearing for them is only one operation. Their knowledge to some extent is comparable to that of man but their perception is universal. That is why they look down on man's understanding which they consider rather mediocre.” (21)

Having said that, their capabilities within their purview are quite limited and they have no direct contact with human beings. Besides, most of them are not interested in man. Their attention is mainly focused on the natural environment in which they live and which they are in charge of. However, they do indeed suffer from the damages inflicted on this environment and they know that man is to blame.

Angels or elemental beings?

In the hypothesis that crop circles have an earthly origin (created by spiritual beings connected to the Earth) should we then direct our research toward the beings superior to man like angels or toward the slower evolutionary beings i.e. the elementals?

If we consider the mysterious aspect of the phenomenon, which is currently out of our depth, we are inclined to believe that crop circles are the work of beings more advanced than man like angelic entities. We can indeed find it hard to believe that these works of art – often superb and which bear witness to a highly elaborate knowledge – could be created by beings inferior to man on the scale of evolution.

And yet the fact that there is no explicit message in these crop circles plus the fact that imperfections and anomalies are found in a number of them – not to mention the striking evolution of the patterns from the most straightforward techniques to the current complex designs – suggest that the creators would certainly be intelligent beings but not too advanced – beings who express themselves via this media. Rudolf Steiner actually describes the gnomes as “beings of understanding par excellence, endowed with the clearest conscience possible”. (21)

This hypothesis – quite disconcerting at first sight for most of us – could be vindicated and then validated by scrutinizing one by one several characteristics relative to crop circles. This task requires putting aside any kind of complacency and adopting a stance of humility toward this phenomenon, which is at the same time concrete and still mysterious.

Absence of explicit messages

We have seen that almost all of the crop circles are of the geometric type, which makes them different from the Chilbolton and Winchester messages. The latter two are intended for man and are in a language coded but comprehensible: the second message was expressed in English (using ASCII codes), which is the most spoken language. As for crop circles of the geometric type, they are addressed to man and through them the creators manifest their existence as well as their presence among us. They express themselves in a symbolic way using geometric patterns but not using a language per se. It is precisely the lack of language that makes these crop circles so enigmatic and also so difficult for us to grasp their real meaning.

This implies that these messages are not addressed to our intellect but rather to our “heart” and our intuition and this is where the problem lies. Modern man is used to reasoning and reflecting, but these spirits cannot or do not know how to use our language to make themselves understood. This statement suggests that they are more likely elemental beings rather than superior spiritual beings.

Evolution in size and in complexity over time

If we take a look at the crop circles of the geometric type observed so far, we realize that not all of the past formations were designed the way they are today. For centuries until the 1980s, all of the motifs were limited to simple circles of a few meters in diameter when nowadays, larger formations of several hundred meters are commonly observed.

Isolated circle - Yatesbury - June 2007
Photo © Lucy Pringle

This plainness in circular designs came along with a “relative” simplicity of the techniques used: the stalks were all bent in the same direction inside the circles around the center.

And then, in the late 1980s, the motifs were supplemented with straight segments. That was a period of great confusion when in the UK several hoaxers were caught in the act of creating fake crop circles (let's add that this anecdote remains specific to England: no one has ever been caught doing this in any other country! Besides do we have any kind of proof that people have done anything of this nature in other countries?). This is when the designs started to develop into more complex, larger and more diversified patterns year after year. It may well be that this trickery by hoaxers once it was unveiled, led the “genuine” formations to differentiate themselves from the fake ones. This evolution was gradual as if it had taken the creators several years to adjust and fine-tune their techniques.

Three isolated circles - Stanton Bridge - July 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle

There has been an obvious evolution as far as the size of the crop circles over time and during this evolution the designs have grown surprisingly more complex from very simple to most elaborate.

Even if we have a tendency to focus on the most spectacular formations, it still remains that in England, still in our day (e.g. 2008), a small number of genuine crop circles are very basic: either small-sized circles or rings (photos 12 and 13).

So assuming that today's creators are the same creators that were at the early stage of the phenomenon when crop circles were small and simple, we find it hard to believe that these plain circles were made by advanced beings. It seems that the evolution in time of the represented motifs is the result of a growing ability for the creators to express themselves, but this ability would not be shared by all.

This observation would support the idea that the creators would be elementary beings rather than beings from the superior spiritual hierarchy.

Different motifs from one country to another

Crop circle created in France (Lorraine) - Marly, near Metz - June 2008
Photo © Josiane Hajduk
Crop circle created in France (Burgandy) - July 2008
Crop circle created in France (Lorraine) - Sarraltroff, near Sarrebourg - July 2008
Photo © Arnaud Thiry
Crop circle created in France (Drôme) - near valence - June 2008

Surprisingly, since the designs have become more complex and spectacular, these can only be found in one country: England. Those found in France (photos 14, 15, 16 and 17), or in other countries are by and large clearly more straightforward, although a slight evolution has been observed recently. We can see that the evolution of the motifs in other countries of the world is well behind England.

This crop circle phenomenon also exists in the South of Africa and in particular in Namibia and has for a very long time. In an area of the Savannah where natural vegetation is sparse and limited to dry weeds, formations appear as small circles of just a few meters in diameter in which grass does not grow (photos 18, 19 and 20). The border of these circles is delineated by a greater density of grass. The motifs are as simple as could be. The grass is not even flattened. There is just no grass (in uncultivated land). This mode of expression could be considered as primary and never evolved over time. The locals – who do not understand this mysterious phenomenon – call them “fairy rings”...! Interesting name.

"Fairy rings" in Namibia
"Fairy rings" in Namibia
"Fairy rings" in Namibia

This observation which highlights differences between countries does not seem compatible with the idea that crop circles would be messages sent to humanity by beings from the level of evolution corresponding to that of angels (or higher). This observation rather leads us to believe that the creators of crop circles are beings less advanced who, acting in different regions of the world, have limited interactions between them.

According to Rudolf Steiner “gnomes have one more character trait: their overriding instinct for independence and freedom – virtually unquestionable to them. Their undivided attention is turned to the external world. They practically do not pay attention to one another but anything that surrounds them is of great interest.” This point could explain the disparities between countries (21).


Imperfection in "The diamond" - Yatesbury - August 2008
Photo © John Montgomery

Even in the most beautiful and spectacular formations that have appeared in England, some of them show imperfections. Let's pick 4 examples within the 2008 formations in Wiltshire.

Imperfection corrected in "The diamond" - Yatesbury - August 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle

The beautiful crystal called “diamond” photographed the day after its creation (photo 21), shows an anomaly in the areas alternately colored (wheat bent) and dark (wheat up) that surround the diamond: one of these areas is dark instead of light. Apparently, the work done was not finished. It wasn't perfect. Was it an error or was it an oversight? It suggests that the authors did not finish it because they got caught doing it or they were disturbed for some other reason. Let's keep in mind that based on all the corroborating testimonies of those who have seen a crop circle being made, it only takes a few seconds to make one, which does favor a mistake or an oversight. Moreover, another photograph of the same crop circle taken a few days later shows that the design was completed and the mistake or the oversight was fixed! (photo 22)

First part of the formation at South Field - July 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Formation completed with an imperfection at South Field - July 2008
Photo © Daniel Harran
Ground view of the imperfection - South Field - July 2008
Photo © Daniel Harran

The same goes for this gorgeous formation sometimes called “the swallows” or “the owls”. This formation was obviously achieved in two steps over two consecutive nights (photos 23 and 24). The first stage represented a consistent and harmonious piece and then the design was completed the day after to form a more complex aggregate with perfect connections to the first piece. Because the added piece is made up of several identical pieces (several representations of swallows), we can easily see – be it from above (down left in the aerial view picture) or from the ground – that there is an imperfection on the border of a swallow (photo 25). In this strip, the wheat has been partially and unevenly bent as if it had first been flattened and then clumsily pulled back up when it should have been left intact. It is obviously an error.

Imperfections (lines in excess) - All Cannings - June 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle

In the following formation (photo 26), we can clearly see a thin line which moves away from the central axis and that respects neither the symmetry nor the harmony of the design. Another line appears in the upper left corner of the picture, which does not seem legitimate. These two lines could not have been drawn deliberately at different stages of the work process. They look all the more like flaws as they are parts of the crop circle and not external to it.

Imperfection (on the left of the photo) - Avebury Manor - July 2008
Photo © Gary King

Lastly, in the solar system representation that appeared in an Avebury field, spotters were intrigued by a mark near Neptune and Uranus, the contours of which were jagged and in which the wheat had been carelessly bent (photo 27). The mark evokes a planet but it is located between two orbits and does not correspond to anything existing in the solar system. Here again it has to be an error because once the wheat had been bent, it was too late to backtrack and fix the problem.

These little imperfections in creating crop circles suggest that the creators do not perfectly master their implementation techniques. This supports the hypothesis that they are elemental beings.

The Grasdorf pictogram plates

Grasdorf pictogram (Germany) - 1991
Photo © Michael Hesemann

This crop circle which appeared in 1991 in Germany is unique in its features and is a triple mystery in itself!

It was discovered in an over 4 000 year old sacred prehistoric location described by archeologists as one of the major cultural prehistoric sites. It consists of a set of circles, arcs and a cross all linked by straight segments and is a hundred meters long (photo 28). The first mystery of this crop circle of course is its existence: why and by whom?

The Grasdorf pictogram (Germany) and the pure gold disc - 1991
Photo © Michael Hesemann
The Grasdorf gold disc - 1991
Photo © Michael Hesemann

An investigator who was analyzing the site with a metal detector, unearthed three metallic discs buried at the center of the three circles surrounded by a half-ring: one was in pure gold, another in pure silver (99.9 % i.e. purer than silver used in our day)! and weighed close to 5 kg. The third disc was brass (photos 29 and 30). Michaël Hesemann, crop circle specialist, studied them and displayed them to the public in a 1992 conference.

But the most surprising part is that on each of these discs, the same motif was represented. The motif was the same as the one drawn on the wheat field meaning that the crop circle motif was an accurate reproduction of the motif represented on each of the three metallic discs! This is all the more incredible as these discs had likely been buried in the ground for thousands of years. Spectographic analyses revealed that the silver and pewter contained in the brass disc came from a deposit close-by, near Grasdorf (where the crop circle was formed). The field motifs being identical to those of the discs is a second mystery.

The third mystery is: why did the three similar discs (in different metals) show the same motif? Who or what civilization created the discs? It was apparently a very ancient civilization living in this region of Germany that had developed an impressive know-how.

All these 3 mysteries are obviously closely connected.

Let's first focus on who created the crop circle. I am going on the premise that all that has been reported is genuine – which the analyses and studies carried out by Michaël Hesemann seem to confirm despite the oddness of the facts involved. It is obvious that the authors knew about the three buried discs forgotten by man most likely for thousands of years. They necessarily are beings who can see through the ground, beings whose vision is not hindered by matter. They must be spiritual beings. In this particular case, the elemental beings connected to the element of earth are our best bet. Rudolf Steiner explains they can move freely through rocks and soil and are most often found near veins of metal. They are therefore attracted to the metal element!

Being intelligent, it seems evident that via this crop circle they sought to draw man's attention to the three discs and hence to this third mystery. Why? We will come back to this later.


Although the hypothesis that crop circles are made by “extraterrestrials” from outer space is a widely held view, our intent here was to develop the hypothesis of a terrestrial origin: spiritual beings who live among us and are associated with humanity.

There are indeed a great number of various testimonies on the existence of angels as well as elemental beings : these spirits manifest themselves in a number of legends narrated in all of our human traditions. Their presence is confirmed in all three monotheistic religions: “In the Talmud, a religious Jewish text, gnomes are considered as the guardians of the Earth and the underground world... The Koran states that in addition to angels and human beings, God created djinns and genies... The book of Enoch, character quoted on several occasions in the Bible, mentions angels and also spirits responsible for the elements (13)” and the Christian Gospel describes an angel appearing to the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, individuals endowed with subtle perceptions (young children in particular) have the ability to perceive and – even for some of them – to see denser elementals (gnomes and sprites, respectively earth and water spirits). And lastly, these beings are mentioned extensively by spiritual philosophers who make clear that they are parts of our world although they are invisible to our senses.

Then we analyzed the characteristics of crop circles of the geometric type: absence of explicit messages intellectually comprehensible, the evolution of their sizes and the complexity of the designs over time, also the fact that this evolution is not observable in all countries and that blatant errors have been spotted in the patterns. All of this suggests that crop circle creators are intelligent beings but they have limited means of action. These characteristics do not support – and are not even compatible with – the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of the authors who – if extraterrestrial – would be highly advanced beings. The authors in question would therefore belong to the family of elemental beings.

According to Rudolf Steiner, “the elementals are in between the Earth and the spiritual universe. It is because the evolution of man is what it is in our day that man is no longer able to perceive these beings the way he can see animals, plants etc. of the physical world. He could perceive them in ancient times though. Gnomes, who are spiritual beings of earth are extremely intelligent. They are beings of reason par excellence and they show the clearest awareness. They turn their full attention to the external world and to anything surrounding them (21)”.

Following this description, we better understand why the elementals have reasons to worry about the careless behavior of human beings who have no more respect for nature and are destroying the planet. Elementals are indeed the most affected. That is why they manifest themselves.


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21 :  Rudolf STEINER - L'homme, les animaux et les esprits élémentaires (Ed. Triades).

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