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What is the sense
of crop circles

Intelligent beings unknown to modern man manifest themselves “before our very eyes” and insistently call out to us year after year. This phenomenon has never occurred before in the known history of humankind. It is reminiscent of the just as mysterious UFO sighting phenomenon, but crop circles are different in that they are concrete achievements, material, and permanent – at least over a long period of time. They are also meant to be seen.

Because these messages in our fields are addressed to us (human beings), it is up to us to decipher them and figure out what they really mean and we should do this now before they become more explicit. We need to do this because if the elementals are the creators of these crop circles, we know that they don't have the intellectual ability to communicate with us using our language. So we must read their messages with our heart – by developing our intuition which will supplement our mental capacities.

We exist!

Crop circles as well as luminous phenomena cannot be explained by current laws of physics and they consequently are categorized under paranormal phenomena. For the last 30 years, the creators – the elementals that is – have conspicuously increased the number of their paranormal creations in a significant number of countries (over 80!) and more and more of these crop circles were found near roads or in the vicinity of towns, thus making them more visible. They obviously are trying to get our attention and show us signs of their existence.

The first underlying message is therefore: “We are here! We exist!”. The elementals are intelligent spirits connected to planet earth, our planet! They have set out to remind us of their presence while they live very close to us and among us!

It is imperative to understand that our world is not only a material one. We must become aware of the existence and the reality of the spiritual world. We must accept its spiritual dimension. Even human-beings are more than a physical body. We should accept our internal self, the spiritual part of ourselves and develop it.

Respect nature!

The elementals are the overseers of nature. They have responsibility to look after plant growth and the energy balance everywhere on Earth. But man is destroying the planet. In many places on Earth, pollution in soil, water and air has reached an alarming level. The planet is replete with pesticides, insecticides and herbicides which we know are poison to life such that water comes to be insalubrious even when supposedly drinkable. The air is polluted by toxic particles but it is also affected by noxious electromagnetic waves spreading all over – primarily originating from the multitude of cell phones and relay antennas. Because of his horrifying egocentricity, man has no respect for the planet on which he lives and which he exploits irresponsibly.

Up until a few years ago, the earth was in a state where it could naturally regenerate. This ability was precisely thanks to the invisible work of the nature beings whose role is instrumental to life. But this balance is now upset. The elementals can no longer cope with all those pollutant assaults and as a result our living conditions are rapidly deteriorating.

A coincidence may be observed between the fact that the elementals have increased the number of their manifestations (by making more crop circles) for the last thirty years and the fact that pollution on Earth has dramatically gained momentum in the same period of time. Likewise it may be observed that the air pollution (and electromagnetic pollution in particular) is more recent, which accompanies the fact that the manifestations from the elementals associated with air (orbs and light circles) are also more recent – approx. 12 years.

The second underlying message is therefore: “Respect the Earth! Respect nature!” Nature is sending us an alert message through the elemental beings whose responsibility is to minister to it.

Of course, these alert messages can't be explicit. They should be understood with the heart. The elementals are telling us “we are here, be aware of it”. It is up to us to understand that they have responsibility to maintain a good balance of the forces of nature and that because of our destructive actions they can longer fulfil their role.

This view has been confirmed by several people who have the gift to perceive elemental beings.

Jean Pierre Martinez (23), geobiologist, states that the elementals of air – the ones he is more in contact with – send signals to mankind who causes substantial damage to their world through electromagnetic pollution. Indeed the radiation caused by telephones, antennas, WiFi, etc. creates serious disruptions for humankind but also for the elementals of the air because their task is precisely to maintain a good energetic harmony. The fact they are sensitive to local energies makes them all the more impacted by the negative energies from electromagnetic waves that scramble the environment.

Yann Lipnick (24), another geobiologist who also can perceive nature beings, views nymphs and elves as spirits of air and gnomes as beings of earth. He believes that the elementals want us to acknowledge them. They want us to know they really exist but at the same time, they want to attract our attention to the fact that we are destroying our planet – which is also their planet.

Christine Beusch (15): “By penetrating into the intimacy of these beings, she understood how hard it is for them to no longer be recognized by humans who are in the process of weakening and destroying nature while being oblivious to the disruptions that their actions are causing in the subtle worlds.”

Marko Pogacnik (14): “The optimism that we perceive through the behavior of the elemental beings and through their messages suggests – thanks to their very advanced instructors among them – that they understand why humanity, tangled up in its self-centered illusions, ill-treat nature to such an extent and they seem to be telling us that they wish to keep supporting our learning process as much as they can.”

The preferred crop circle region in England

Another angle to better understand their messages is to analyze the characteristics of the locations where crop circles appear. This phenomenon does exist in multiple countries but their locations in any given country are scattered around. No particular regions or specific locations are preferred over others – except for that fact that crop circles have often been observed near prehistoric sites or places considered as sacred. In that respect, England stands out in that the large majority of its formations are concentrated in a very limited area: Wiltshire and its vicinity. This concentration,which is unique to this country, has to have a meaning which we have to unravel.

English crop circles are usually created:

  • either in the vicinity of /strong>ancient megalithic sites such as Stonehenge (up until the last few years) and in particular Avebury (photos 1, 2 and 3).
Stonehenge - July 1996
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Stonehenge - June 1997
Photo © Steve Alexander
Avebury Manor - July 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • or near one of the numerous tumuli (photos 4, 5 and 6).
The Sanctuary - July 2008
Photo © Daniel Harran
Waden Hill (between Avebury and Silbury Hill) - April 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle
West Kennett - June 2007
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • or near the “White Horses” figures in Wiltshire (photos 7, 8 and 9).
Alton Barnes - May 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Uffington - July 2006
Milk Hill, Alton Barnes - June 2004
Photo © Lucy Pringle

The megaliths

Giving an accurate age to the Stonehenge and Avebury sacred temples is not easy but archeologists believe they date back to 3,500 BC, meaning that they are contemporary with the first pyramids of Egypt. Concerning Stonehenge, the arrangement of the stones tells us it was an astronomical observatory. Visitors as well as those who have seen the pictures are impressed by the size of these giant standing stones around 19 feet high from the base into the ground (due to their weight which spans from 6 tons for those with lintels on top to 20 tons) (photos 10, 11 and 12). A geological analysis of the stones reveals that the heaviest ones were extracted from a quarry over 12 miles away and the other stones from a quarry located in Wales 135 miles away.

Photo © Daniel Harran
Photo © Daniel Harran
Photo © Daniel Harran
Photo © Daniel Harran

How in the world 5,500 years ago in the Neolithic age (period of late stone age and of the development of farming, according to historians) could man cut, transport and erect stones this huge? By what means? The same question goes for the Avebury site as well (photos 13 and 14), and even for the multiple megalithic sites of Europe (dolmens and menhirs) (photo 15), of Asia minor (temples and pyramids) (photo 16) and of Central America (photo 17) where these constructions are very ancient and date back to “time immemorial”.

In France for example, the most imposing stone is the Locmariaquer monolith located in French Brittany – which lies on the ground in three pieces. The stone is believed to weigh 280 tons! And yet it was extracted from a quarry situated 8 miles away from the current site.

Great pyramid of Giza (Egypt)
Pyramid of Teotihuacan (Mexico)

The base of the Baalbek temple in Lebanon is made of stones, three of which are believed to weigh 1 000 tons, although the quarry they were extracted from is two thirds of a mile away.

Photo © Daniel Harran
Carnac menhirs (Brittany, France)

Let's face it, the official explanations by historians, that bring into play the use of ropes and poles for transportation or inclined planes on the ground and the muscular strength mustered up by a large number of men, are not convincing and not credible. The weight of the stones would have crushed the wood poles, not to mention the hurdles to clear due to the relief of the area between the extraction and the erection sites. Moreover, the number of men for such an operation is restrained by the limited available space around the stones to be lifted and moved. In addition, the lintel pointing is excellent (photo 11), and is indicative of a perfect command of construction techniques. Ropes, wood poles and human strength are rudimentary means and in no way can explain the erection of all of these megaliths. It remains a conundrum.

It seems obvious that the builders of these constructions had a high degree of expertise and had developed abilities allowing them to master the force of gravity. But these abilities have fallen into oblivion (over time).


Tumulus alignment
Photo © Daniel Harran
Wooded tumulus
Photo © Daniel Harran

The Wiltshire region is characterized by the presence of a large number of tumuli – artificial mounds of earth a few meters high and possibly hosting trees (photos 18 and 19). Archeological digging revealed that they are human ancient graves several thousand years of age. These tumuli were raised in order to honor and remember prominent people after death.

West Kennett - June 2007
Photo © Lucy Pringle

Several tumuli are often categorized according to their external apparent shape. Unlike most of them that are circular, the West Kennett and Waylands Smithy long tumuli (or long barrows) (photos 6 and 20) have an underground chamber tomb built in massive stones and their entrance is protected by several imposing monoliths. These two seem to be the most ancient as they date back to 3,500 BC meaning they are 5,500 years old which is the same period as Stonehenge and Avebury. The West Kennett long barrow by the way is a major crop circle “attractor”.

But the most impressive and the most amazing tumulus is the one called “the Silbury Hill” (photos 21 and 22). It is a veritable man-made hill. It is cone-shaped and stands 130 feet high. It is the tallest tumulus in Europe with the exception of the Giza pyramids in Egypt. Excavation work revealed that the mound is a step pyramid (as the first ones of Egypt) then covered with dirt thus concealing the steps. It is believed to be 5,000 years old meaning it is contemporary with the first pyramids of Egypt as well as the Stonehenge and Avebury sites. Legend has it that it was the burial of a king buried with his horse. The Silbury hill is situated in the neighborhood of Avebury and it is also a major crop circle “attractor”.

Tomb chambers underneath the West kennett barrow
Photo © Daniel Harran
Silbury Hill
Photo © Daniel Harran
Silbury Hill
Photo © Daniel Harran

The “White Horses”

Milk Hill white horse, near Alton Barnes - Date: 1812
Photo © Daniel Harran
Hackpen white horse - Date: 1838
Photo © Daniel Harran
Cherhill white horse - Date: 1780
Photo © Daniel Harran
Uffington white horse - Age: 4,000/5,000 years or more?

The white horses are a local tradition specific to this region. There were 10 of them made by man in ancient times but there are only seven left. Three of them were destroyed in the 19th century) (photos 23, 24 and 25). The whole region of Wiltshire is characterized by a chalky soil and all it takes to draw these figures is pull up the grass from the surface to expose the bare white soil. Because of the grass growing back it takes some maintenance to keep these figures white. Most of them were carved in the 18th and 19th centuries in figurative style. But one of them – the Uffington white horse – is much older. It is claimed to be at least 4,000 if not 5,000 years old or even more which brings us back here again to the time when the megaliths were erected and the first tumuli constructed. It is 111 meters long (365 ft) and it is the only one stylized (photo 26). This suggests that the white horses are a human tradition that started with this very ancient first drawing.

Every year, a lot of crop circles appear very close to these white horses but more importantly they are clearly pointing to them (photos 9, 27 and 28). This has to have some meaning. We need to decipher it. What do these white horses represent? Why are they pointed at?

Milk Hill, Alton Barnes - June 2004
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Milk Hill, Alton barnes - July 2006
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Tan Hill - July 2004
Photo © Lucy Pringle

So, more than 5,000 years ago, a people lived in the Wiltshire region. This people imprinted its mark by erecting huge megaliths, by constructing multiple massive tumuli to honor their dead and also by representing a huge horse on a hillside. All of this suggests that this people was particularly advanced. All of these artifacts survived their existence up until now but their meaning remains a mystery.

The hidden meaning of megaliths: “remember Atlantis!”

The mere existence of the numerous megaliths in Wiltshire and also in the world, exhibit a high level of knowledge and skills which their builders had and which have been lost since then. It presupposes that an advanced antique civilization preceded our own.

But the myth or legend of the flood are still present in all of the human traditions and religions: the great flood which destroyed life on earth leaving just a few survivors (Noah's Ark). Actually, more and more discoveries and testimonies from different sources attest to the existence of a civilization that preceded the flood (27-28). The Greek philosopher Plato in 350 BC, left behind him the first written testimony thereof. This testimony was transmitted orally prior to him: “Long ago, a powerful civilization existed on an island beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the strait of Gibraltar). In around 9,500 BC, following extremely violent earthquakes and floods, Atlantis sank below the surface of the sea and disappeared.”

Atlantis is looked upon as a myth by official history but it belongs to the oral history of most Amerindian peoples such as the Maya civilization, the Aztecs, the Hopi, the Navajos, the Sioux, the Cherokees, etc. (29). The elders of these peoples/tribes claim that their ancestors came from Atlantis and they brought them knowledge; their ancestors built the famous pyramids of Central America. This might explain that. These testimonies point to the fact that the mysterious construction techniques used for the pyramids come from the Atlantean civilization.

It seems that Plato's description of the Atlantis Empire in Europe precisely matches with the megalith territorial layout (30). This match is further evidence that the megaliths were set up by the Atlanteans.

This observation has been confirmed by several contemporary philosophers (31-32) who stated: when the Atlantis civilization suddenly disappeared some 12,000 years ago, Atlantean migrations led their descendants to settle down in England before they crossed Europe (France, Germany, etc.) to then reach Asia a few millennia later.

What's more, these authors have written that the Atlanteans had developed abilities that enabled them to lift extremely heavy weights. More precisely, according to another author: “Egypt was originally inhabited by survivors from Atlantis after their island was swept away; the Sphinx as well as the Giza pyramids were built by the Atlanteans (33).”

In our modern times, in the 20th century, the construction by only one man without any mechanical aid of a large coral stone chateau by assembling blocks a number of which weighed dozens of tons, attests to the fact that mastery of gravity is indeed possible (34). This assembly work was performed at night on the QT but the builder was spied on while doing it and “numerous testimonies recounted how the man sometimes sang when placing his hands on these coral rocks and how the blocks rose like balloons!”.

When interrogated toward the end of his life, the man confessed he was in possession of an ancient building secret : the impact of sound on gravity. He said “I discovered the secret of the pyramids. I found out how the Egyptians and ancient builders from Peru, Yucatan and Asia erected and assembled blocks of several tons with rudimentary tools”. Incredible as it is, this example is genuine and if these skills and knowhow were singularly utilized by this man in our times, it is conceivable that they are a legacy from ancient times which could explain how the megaliths were erected several thousand years ago.

Following this line of reasoning, the proximity of a great number of crop circles with megalithic sites – whose origin remains a mystery but whose existence is associated with Atlantis – might be a message from their creators whereby they seek to awaken our memories of the forgotten civilization of Atlantis.

Not only do they send us signals of their existence among us – because they've been forgotten – but they also call our attention to remind us of the Atlantean civilization that preceded our own.

The hidden meaning of the tumuli and the horses:
the Scythians and Atlantis

Cross-section of a Scythian kurgan

Relatively recent archeological work has unearthed amazing art treasures in a region of Asia. They are attributed to a people who lived in Caucasia on the Black Sea shores during the first millennium before our era: the Scythians. Greek writer Herodotus (fifth century BC) has written a book on the Scythian people: a great civilization of nomadic stockbreeders, known for their equestrian skills, their attachment to horses and their interest in weapons and gold (35-36). Their way of life was such that they did not leave any stone-built constructions for posterity. They left however a large number of kurgan tombs – large tumuli up to 1,000 ft. in diameter heaped over chamber-tombs hosting kings or prominent people buried with a whole lot of objects destined for that purpose (photo 29).

Scythian ornamental gold comb
Scythian gold pectoral

In these kurgans, mixed with bones, archeologists found a tremendous amount of gold, silver and bronze objects (36) (photos 30, 31 and 32) although most of these tombs had been looted before the local authorities could control the digging activity. All stolen gold objects were melted for resale as precious metal..

Closer look at the Scythian pectoral

Nicolas Witsen, one of the first researchers in this domain – in his book published in 1692 – raises the issue about the originators of these marvels and he ventures the hypothesis of a people unknown but of a cultural level way above that of all following civilizations. The origin of the scythian art – ergo the origin of the Scythian people – remains a mystery.

We know that horses played a major role in the Scythian culture at the time. Not only were they the only means of transportation for this nomadic people who launched horse raids on other peoples but also a great number of horses were buried in kings' graves as well as sacrificed soldiers (for that matter). Horse remains were found in tomb chambers, often trimmed with valuable ornaments of gold, silver or bronze (34). Horses were also often represented on finely worked objects.

So, about 3,000 years ago, a people who lived in this region of Asia set itself apart by building numerous Kurgans (or tumuli) and by its reverence for horses. They were formidable warriors but they nonetheless evinced an astounding level of artistic techniques (which died out thereafter over time). Such techniques were most likely a legacy from a previous period. Let's keep in mind that the Scythian people ended up at the final destination of the post-Atlantean migrations (31-32). This provides some indication pointing to this people being distant descendants of the Atlanteans.

This brings out the analogy between the people who dwelled in Wiltshire 5,000 years ago on the one hand and the Scythian people present in Caucasus 3,000 years ago on the other: these two peoples are both known for their numerous tumulus-like graves and also for their particular attachment to horses. At some point in time both found themselves on the post-Atlantean migration route. Of course, one preceded the other.

This parallel leads us to understand that tumuli as well as the influence of horses in their culture were indeed specific characteristics of the descendant peoples of Atlantis.

We can consequently venture the idea that the close proximity of the English crop circles to the tumuli and to the white horses – thus bringing these sites to light – suggests that the creators of crop circles are trying to remind us of the Atlantis forgotten civilization.

The three Grasdorf discs

Now we can put forth the hypothesis where the three metallic discs (in pure gold, silver and bronze) found buried underneath a crop circle in Grasdorf, Germany can also be attributed to descendents of Atlantis. Although the quality of the discs is not quite on a par with that of the Scythian objects (from an artistic stand point), the fact that these finely-worked objects made of precious metal were found once again at a location somewhere on the migration route of the descendents of Atlantis leads us to make the connection.

Again in this example, the fact these three discs were highlighted by both their location and the crop circle motifs may be interpreted as “Do not forget the Atlantean civilization that once existed”.

Why Atlantis?

All of the authors who have mentioned the Atlantis civilization have stated that after a period of decay and turf wars it disappeared approx. 12,000 years ago after the island sank into the Atlantic ocean.

Every summer in England, numerous crop circles including the most spectacular of them strongly point to these surviving traces of the Atlantean civilization that have come down to us. Why? To help us “update our history books”? Very unlikely...

Marko Pogacnik (14): “He noticed that because these elementary entities were used to having daily relations with humans in the Atlantean period, they had what appeared to be a great propensity to communicate with man. Back then, these entities were perfectly perceptible by humans and they were entities man could naturally communicate with. But the environment has drastically been modified since then.”

Rudolf Steiner confirms (20): “The evolution of man in recent decades is accountable for humans not being capable any longer to perceive these beings as they do animals or plants of our physical world. Back in the Atlantean times, the human conscience did not “shut down” during sleep: humans could thus perceive spiritual beings.”

However, why do they insist upon, for thirty years, manifesting themselves to us?

Every one of us appreciates the fact that humanity is going through a very critical period where all of the red flags have gone up one by one because of the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources of our planet for the exclusive benefit of a small number of people and to the detriment of the majority of the people, because of the very serious assaults on ecological balances, the disappearance of multiple animal and plant species, and because of the ever-increasing level of economic and social inequality within our society but also between Southern and Northern countries which generates conflicts and permanent warfare.

Blinded by the technological development which gives a feeling of freedom, man is oblivious to the fact he is more and more trapped in the consumer society, trapped in matter, and to the fact he is in the process of destroying his own planet. In doing so, man is really chopping off the branch humanity is sitting on. Most observers predict times of great upheaval within the near future and the disappearance of the human species is part of the possible scenarios!

All of this shows that our civilization is going through an unprecedented crisis... unprecedented in known history but the crop circle creators seem to be doing their best to alert us by reminding us that an event just as dreadful has already occurred in the past and that a civilization has preceded ours – which civilization disappeared as a result of infighting and uncontrollable dissensions.

The crop circles associated with the preferred location in Wiltshire, England, is a message whereby they are cautioning us against our possible disappearance by reminding us of the Atlantis precedent.


The real meaning of crop circles (this is my interpretation) is that benevolent spiritual beings connected to earth (elementals) keep sending out messages in order to:

  • raise awareness among us of their existence and also that of other subtle planes inhabited by other intelligent beings,.
  • lead us to understand that it is imperative that we respect nature of which they are the overseers,.
  • caution us against the real risk of the extinction of our civilization by reminding us of the Atlantis precedent. They manifest themselves to prompt us to choose now between self-destruction – meaning the end of humanity – and evolution through the awakening of human conscience..

Man needs to develop his consciousness of who he is (he is not just a body, a material entity). He must develop his awareness of respect which he owes to every living being, his awareness that he is not the only intelligent being on earth, his awareness of his desperate need to develop his deep – down values – the noble values that define human dignity.


In this analysis of the crop circle phenomenon, our approach was necessarily partial. Other analyses could be achieved from other angles such as through studying the symbolism of the represented motifs or through the wholesome energies produced by Mother Earth.


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