Page d'accueil LISTEN to the EARTH

In these crucial times in which we are living, humankind feels
more and more concerned about strange signs in the sky (UFOs),
messages found in fields (crop circles) or other manifestations
sent by non-human intelligences.

Then the basic questions one may ask are:
who are these intelligent entities revealing themselves to us?
and what are their motives?

More is available on the subject in the French version
of this website:


A great open-mindedness is asked of new readers reading these pages because the answers put forth on the nature and origin of the UFO and crop circle phenomena might bewilder those who tackle the subject for the first time. In this case it is suggested to consider the answers as assumptions converging on a consistent overall picture of these phenomena. It is then up to everyone to make their own judgment based on their own experiences and knowledge.

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