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The authentic crop circles
are the works of intelligent beings

Even if a few years ago, the hypothesis of a natural cause had been advanced in order to explain the formation of crop circles, it becomes evident now that a real intelligence is present behind these formations. Why ?

The variety of stem laying methods

We have seen it above, if the varied and elaborated methods are not compatible with a human cause, they are still less compatible with a natural cause. They are really the mark of active intelligences, of intelligent beings. It is important to notice also the idea of global evolution that appears in the methods implemented, in England particularly. The crop circles are really more and more elaborated from year to year, even if certain formations are still geometrically simple (it happens that we find an isolated circle or a grouping of circles).

The authors take care to avoid observers and cameras

Every summer for numerous years, teams of researchers impassioned by the study of the phenomenon of the crop circles go to Wiltshire and post themselves high in the hills in strategic spots where the probability of a formation appearing is very great. They watch all night, armed with cameras, infrared cameras, projectors, etc. with the intention of observing a crop circle in the act of being made and to record the sequence of realization. In spite of the great number of repetitions every year, these operations always result in failure ! In the summer of 2008 I was present again near Milk Hill when several teams split up and set up on the hill by a clear night where the moon was shining. At sunrise, no one had either seen or recorded anything... but a new formation was, however there. It was made without the authors being seen by those people present, and this is completely typical of what happens each time every year !

Nobody has then succeeded until now to capture in their camera the images of a crop circle in the process of being made, and this in spite of the numerous attempts. However, one exception occurred at Oliver's Castle in 1996, but this exception being unique, made it controversial.

The conclusions imposing themselves are :

  • on the one hand, these realizations cannot be attributed to humans (they would have been identified at least by their infrared radiation) ;
  • on the other hand, the authors are beings that are invisible to us, invisible to the light, but also invisible to the infrared radiation ;
  • finally, these authors apply themselves always to realize their works without the men who are present seeing them and being able to record images of a crop circle creation. While the teams of watchers endeavour by all means to surprise the authors in the act, it appears evident that the authors make sure that they are never surprised. Better yet, it happens very often in summer, like in the preceding example, that the authors surprise people when they discover in the first glimmers of day that another crop circle had been created during the night, although they have been actively watching. It is in fact as if they are making fun of humans, as if they taunt them, or that they would like to show their unique talents !

We can also notice that the witnesses that have had the chance to see a crop circle in the process of being made before their eyes were always surprised by this realization, and were not in a state of waiting.

The authors show knowledge of advanced mathematics ...

Amongst the numerous observations, we can notice :

Representation of the Pi number - Barbury castle - June 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • the high degree of complexity of the actual realization show evidence that the authors possess very advanced geometrical (or mathematical) knowledge. Already in the 1990's crop circle realizations have been recognized that were illustrations of the fractal theories of Mandelbrot..
Resolution of the representation of the Pi number - Barbury castle - June 2008
  • Another striking example is the formation that appeared at Barbury Castle at the end of the month of May 2008 (photo 1). This design, which depicted a sequence of arcs of circle of increasing radii curvature, separated by discontinuities, seems at first sight enigmatic. But if we extrapolate all these line segments to the outside circle, we obtain as many rays of this circle, and after having completed by the missing rays, the circle is then split into 10 equal sectors (photo 2). We perceive then that the first circle arc extends itself on three sectors, then a point has been drawn, the second arc occupies one sector, the third sector covers four sectors, the fourth one, the fifth five, etc. We realize that this sequence of numbers represents exactly the number Pi which values 3.14159... this with 10 significant numbers, that are all exact, of course ! The following of these 10 arcs of circles (of these 10 numbers) pursue themselves by three points, which represent points of suspension because we know that following of the numbers of Pi is without limit (an irrational number)..

We can notice that this number Pi has been expressed in the base of 10 (the circle has been divided in 10 sectors). We could conceive that this number could have been expressed in another base : the base of two, for example, that is used in computers and in electronic transmissions, and that is a universal base. However, the base of 10 is the base used by mankind, and this message was of course destined to be read by humans.

Example of a 3rd dimension effect - Uffington - July 2006
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • Another example: in a formation from 2006, the third dimensional effect or the perspective effect is striking when we observe from an airplane the « towers » represented in a field which is of course perfectly flat (photo 3). We understand that the restitution of this effect requires very thorough mathematical knowledge.
  • From the 1990's when the represented motifs were still simple, often gatherings of circles or rings, studies made in measuring the relationship of the different diameters had revealed that these relationships of distances were equal to the relationships of frequencies of the notes of the diatonic scale (12) ! (the musical scale). This amazing and fascinating result is evidently a new mark of authenticity of the crop circle in question.

... and knowledge of physics ...

Crop circles associated with the "wormhole" physical theory - Savernake Forest - July 2006
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • In 2006, several crop circles appeared, realized according to the same theme, with two juxtaposed « wells » represented with a striking third dimensional effect (photo 4). This motif has been recognized as being a good illustration of the wormhole theory, recently developed in advanced physics, and elaborated from Einstein's Law of Relativity. This theory is about the passage between parallel universes by a tunnel, or a wormhole, connecting a black hole with a white hole..
  • several realizations in the fields are faithful representations of the solar system such as we know it, with nine principal planets (to which even the asteroid belt is added) (photos 5 and 6). These realizations reveal of course a good knowledge of the solar system..
  • we can notice that, for a few years, and after the astronomers have discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto some other planets of small dimensions (like Pluto), they have proceeded to a new classification of objects in revolution around the sun according to which the number of « true planets » is limited to eight, Pluto and the other further objects being classified as « dwarf planets ». However, the crop circles continue to describe a system of nine planets, the last being by the way off-centre (like Pluto is), because they are destined to be seen by us all human beings, and we have indeed kept the habit of representing the solar system by a gathering of nine planets gravitating around the sun..
Representation of the solar system - Avebury Manor - July 2008
Photo © Gary King
Representation of the inner part of the solar system - Longwood Warren, near Winchester - June 1995
Photo © Lucy Pringle

... and historic knowledge

Crop circle associated to 4 barrows - North Down - July 2003
Photo © Lucy Pringle

At first glance in this photograph (photo 7), we discover five aligned, circular crop circles. In reality, a more attentive examination shows that only one crop circle has been realized first, in the extension of four aligned tumuli, each of these four tumuli having been emphasized by the passage of the tractor that has traced two concentric circles. An amusing anecdote, it seems that the motif of this crop circle has been justly chosen in order to give the illusion of looking like the other tumuli. However, the surprise was when a curious researcher found in the archives of the village the proof that a long time ago, a fifth tumuli existed in the extension of the four others, situated exactly there where the crop circle had been realized !

This means that this crop circle has been realized in fact to reproduce this fifth tumuli, a vestige of ancient history destroyed by man, which even the local habitants had forgotten ! However, the authors, they knew it, proof that they even know our history.


The characteristics of these crop circles, and the conditions in which they appear, impose upon the impartial observer the conclusion that they are works of intelligences unrelated to humankind, but are present amongst us, even if they are not visible to us. The authors are then intelligent and immaterial beings, present amongst us.

While humans believe themselves the most intelligent beings and the masters on their planet, while they seek to establish a contact with other living beings elsewhere in the universe, the existence of crop circles shows that other intelligent beings are present on the earth, but humans don't know that. So, intelligent beings exterior to our humanity call to mankind every year, in a great number of countries all around the world. They manifest themselves by spectacular and concrete works that everyone can observe, but the majority of humans continue, however, to ignore the phenomenon and neglect to consider it because they don't understand it !


12 :  Colin ANDREWS et Stephen SPIGNESI - Crop Circles, signes et contacts : nouvelles révélations (Ed. Exclusif), p 122.

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