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Genuine crop circles are
the work of intelligent beings

The hypothesis of a natural cause was put forth a few years back in an effort to explain the formation of crop circles but it is now obvious that some unquestionable intelligence is behind these formations. The question is “why”.

A variety of flattening methods

As developed above, we know that the various and elaborate methods used cannot be associated with the work of human beings and actually much less with any kind of natural phenomena. They are the hallmark of active intelligences, of intelligent beings. It is also worth noting a generic evolution in their implementation, and in the UK in particular. Even if certain formations are still geometrically straightforward (such as just one isolated circle or a set of circles), crop circles are more and more elaborate as time passes.

The crop circle creators ensure there is no-one around
to operate, hidden from public view

Every summer, teams of researchers who have a passion for the crop circle phenomenon meet up in Wiltshire. They position themselves in strategic locations on top of hills where the probability of crop circle formations is high. They stay up all night armed with infrared cameras and projectors etc. with the hopes of capturing a formation in progress. These yearly meetings have been ongoing for many years and yet these operations always turn out unsuccessful! Again in the summer of 2008 I myself was there near Milk Hill when several teams spread out in order to position themselves on top of the hill. The night sky was clear and the moon was shining. At dawn, no one had seen/recorded anything... and yet a new formation lay there, made without anyone noticing. This event is typical of what happens there every year!

No one has ever managed to capture a crop circle in the process of creation. The only exception is that of Oliver Castle in 1996 but the mere fact it is an exception makes it questionable.

Appropriate conclusions that can be drawn from all of this:

  • these formations cannot be attributed to man (they would have been caught by infrared cameras had it been the case);
  • the creators are invisible beings. Invisible to light and also invisible to infrared rays;
  • the creators always manage to do their work making sure that no one can see them or catch them doing it. The night teams are trying hard to catch them in the act but in vain. They obviously do everything they can to not be caught in action. Surprisingly enough, it is rather the other way around that happens when the watch teams discover at dawn a crop circle that was made during the night. It is as though the crop circle authors are scoffing at humans and want to show their differences!

It is worth noting that the witnesses that had the opportunity to see a crop circle in progress were surprised by what they saw because they were not expecting anything of this nature to happen in front of them.

The crop circle creators show advanced mathematical knowledge ...

A representation of Pi  - Barbury castle - June 2008
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • The high level of complexity in today's formations clearly shows that the creators master advanced mathematical sciences. Even back in the 90s, illustrations of the fractal theory (by Mandelbrot) were spotted in a number of crop circle formations.
Analysis of the Pi number representation - Barbury castle - June 2008
  • The formation created at Barbury Castle at the end of May 2008 (photo 1) is another striking example. This pattern which looks enigmatic at first sight, shows a succession of arcs with increasing radiuses of curvature disconnected by recesses. But if you extrapolate these recesses out to the main circle you get just as many radiuses. Once you have added the missing radiuses, the circle is divided into 10 equal sectors (photo 2). • The first arc covers 3 sectors with a dot at the end, the second arc covers one sector, the third arc covers four sectors, the fourth arc, one and the fifth covers five, etc. It just so happens that this string of digits corresponds exactly to Pi value 3.14159... with 10 digits, all accurate.

The Pi number was expressed in base 10 (the circle was divided into 10 sectors). This number could have been expressed in other bases like base 2 which is used in computer science and in electronics let alone it is a universal base. But base 10 is the one used by man and this message was meant to be read by man.

Example of a 3D effect - Uffington - July 2006
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • • Another example is in a formation of 2006. The 3rd dimension effect (or the perspective effect) is striking when you have a bird's eye view of the “towers” represented on a field which needless to say is perfectly flat (photo 3). The rendering of the effect requires advanced mathematical skills.
  • Back in the 90s when the designs represented were still simple – sets of circles or rings – analyses done at the time by measuring the ratios of the different diameters showed that these (distance) ratios were equal to the frequency ratios of the notes in the diatonic scale (12) (the musical scale)! This amazing finding again vouches for the authenticity of crop circles.

... and physics knowledge ...

Crop circle associated with the "wormhole" theory - Savernake Forest - July 2006
Photo © Lucy Pringle
  • In 2006 several crop circles were drawn with the same theme, with two juxtaposed “wells” in striking perspective effect renderings (photo 4). This motif was recognized as a good illustration of the wormhole theory – recently developed in advanced physics based on Einstein's theory of general relativity. The wormhole theory studies the possibility of a passage through space-time from our universe to a parallel universe via a tunnel or a wormhole linking a black hole to a white hole.
  • Several field formations are accurate representations of our solar system as we know it, with its 9 main planets (sometimes with the asteroid belt added to it) (photos 5 and 6). These drawings evidence good knowledge of our solar system.
  • For the last few years and since astronomers discovered other small celestial objects beyond the orbit of Pluto (comparable in size to Pluto), they downgraded the status of Pluto into a dwarf planet – as other small planets that are farther away. The new classification of “true” planets orbiting the Sun is now limited to eight planets. However crop circles continue to represent a nine planet system with Pluto being off-center. The reason being that these crop circles are meant to be seen by human beings, knowing that we are sticking to the habit of representing our solar system by a set of nine planets orbiting the Sun.
Representation of the solar system - Avebury Manor - July 2008
Photo © Gary King
Representation of a portion of the solar system - Longwood Warren, near Winchester - June 1995
Photo © Lucy Pringle

... and historical knowledge

Crop circle associated with 4 tumuli - North Down - July 2003
Photo © Lucy Pringle

At first glance, what we see in this picture (photo 7)is five crop circles lined up. But a more thorough analysis of the picture reveals that only one crop circle is in the picture. It is the one in the foreground as an extension of four lined up tumuli, each of which being highlighted by two concentric circles drawn by the farmer's tractor. The funny thing about this is that the crop circle pattern seems to have been thought out so as to cause an illusion that makes it look like one of the other tumuli. But what came as a real surprise is when a curious investigator consulted the archives of the village nearby and found proof there had been – way back – a fifth tumulus as an extension of the other four and placed exactly where the crop circle was created.!

This means that this crop circle was actually created to reproduce the fifth tumulus, a vestige of ancient history later destroyed by man. Even the locals had forgotten all about that! But the crop circle authors knew about it which somehow shows that they are familiar with our history.


The characteristics of these crop circles and the circumstances under which they appear, lead any impartial observer to the inescapable conclusion they are the works of intelligent beings external to humankind. These beings are present among us although invisible. In other words, crop circle authors are intelligent and immaterial beings present among us.

Whereas humankind believes they are the most intelligent beings on Earth; whereas humankind seeks to establish contact with other beings elsewhere in the universe, the existence of crop circles shows that other intelligent beings are here on Earth but we don't seem to be aware of it. Thus, every year in many countries, intelligent beings make attempts to connect with humankind. They manifest themselves through spectacular and concrete works that everyone can see and yet most people are still unaware of the phenomenon or keep ignoring it because they don't understand it!


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