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Orbs and luminous balls:
the luminous mysterious phenomena

Luminous phenomena associated with crop circles:
“luminous balls”

Luminous phenomena have been observed in the crop circle region of England for a long time. A great number of observers have seen and even captured what they describe as balls of light that move at high speed a few meters above ground for a length of time limited to a few seconds. They are mysterious white light balls, moving around on their own. It may happen that these balls of light appear before or during the creation of a crop circle which leads a number of investigators to believe that crop circles are created by these light balls. However light balls have been observed without there being any crop circles created either at the same time or a little after. Moreover the people who were lucky enough to observe a crop circle in the process of being created did not necessarily see such a luminous phenomenon associated with it. In conclusion, crop circles and light balls are sometimes associated but not in every case.

The number of observations and video footages is such that there is no more room for doubt as to the genuine nature of the testimonies. This phenomenon remains strange to all of us and yet is very real.

Unexpected captures in crop circle related photos

Unexpected capture - Milk Hill - August 2008
Photo © Géraud Laveissière
Unexpected capture (see ref. 9) - Roundway Hill - July 1999
Photo © Bob Nicholas

A similar phenomenon is sometimes observed in photos taken inside of a crop circle even long after it was created: in this case the photographer discovers a blurred white spot of light (photo 1), although he did not notice anything special with the naked eye while on site. In another case, a luminous trace could be seen in a picture as if a luminous spot was moving while being captured (photo 2), implying it was moving at high speed.

More photos containing unexpected captures

Unexpected capture
Photo © Riccardo

In other cases where those pictures were taken in areas other than the crop circle region, in his photos taken at night with a flash, the photographer discovered white luminous spots of various and complex forms (photos 3 and 4), although he did not notice anything unexpected when taking the pictures. The complex forms of these intrusive images and the movement effect they produce seem to show that it has nothing to do with light diffraction caused by particles or material bodies.

Unexpected capture
Photo © Riccardo


These luminous phenomena seem to be different in nature from what we usually call “orbs” in that the latter show round whitish spots rather translucent but not uniform and with an internal structure. These “orbs” which can be seen in various places and that are not visible to the naked eye and only observable in pictures taken with flashes, seem to come under a different category. A number of them are apparently caused by the diffraction of the flash light going through microscopic particles in suspension.

Possible interpretation

Photo of an elementary being
Photo © Maryse

The light balls that can be observed even with the naked eye as well as the unexpected captures in photos such as the ones mentioned above require sources of light. Because the resulting images do not represent material objects, these sources are necessarily immaterial. We are consequently dealing with paranormal luminous phenomena. Depending on whether the flash was used or not, the source is respectively described as secondary (when the light is reflected) or primary (when the light is created out of the source).

There is an obvious resemblance between these luminous manifestations and the way the elementals are seen by clairvoyant people. Indeed the photograhs taken by these people showing elementals, exhibit white “spots” (in solid white) with various shapes (photos 5 and 6): these elementals are seen as immaterial sources of light in various forms.

This resemblance leads us to suspect that the previously mentioned luminous phenomena might also be manifestations of elemental beings who we know exist in various forms. These nature beings are connected to one of the four elements of earth, water, air and fire. A very large variety of these beings have been reported in many tales written in ancient times. This supposition is supported by the fact that both the “luminous balls” and the pictures exhibiting unexpected captures are tightly associated with crop circles. This by the way is in accordance with what we had postulated about crop circles being the works of elementals.

Now that we have put forth the interpretation that crop circles are the works of elemental beings, let us put forward the idea that the above-mentioned luminous phenomena are manifestations of elementals.

Photo of an elementary being
Photo © Maryse

This interpretation has been confirmed by architect and geobiologist Stéphane Cardinaux who stated: “I believe the balls of light observed by people over crop circles are elemental beings (25)”.

Paranormal luminous phenomena being very different from crop circles, their respective originators should be distinguished from one another. Luminous phenomena take place in the air above ground and could be created by elemental beings associated with air, who by so doing wish to show a sign of their existence and their presence among us. However the phenomenon is more elaborate when it comes to crop circles of the geometric type because they represent a real mode of expression and they are designed on the ground, on matter. Their creators are therefore believed to be elementals associated with earth i.e. gnomes as suggested in the Grasdorf pictogram.

We should add that as the expression implies, the photos with unexpected captures in them, are taken by non clairvoyant people and what is discovered is all a matter of chance or luck. Conversely, the pictures such as (photos 5 and 6) were totally under control because they were taken by clairvoyant people who by definition saw the elementals captured in the pictures before they were photographed.

Can spiritual beings manifest themselves
through matter?

Elementals associated with air manifesting themselves through immaterial luminous forms could ultimately be conceivable but other elementals manifesting themselves by acting upon matter, bending wheat stalk or any other grain in order to create a crop circle is somewhat of another story. An yet, we know of other phenomena where spiritual beings are able to control forces in the material plane: spiritism is one of them. Because it is a paranormal phenomenon, spiritism is another category among little known and controversial phenomena. We all have heard of the table-tilting and the glass moving experiences in answer to questions asked by a group of people around a table or also poltergeists emitting various noises or causing objects to move with no apparent reason. These are definitely real phenomena , where it is indeed spirits and spiritual beings manifesting themselves – often but not always – when being called by a group of people. These spirits actually belong to another species of elementals and not to souls of the deceased loved ones as is often the case according to a widespread belief (19). These beings capture the energy of the people who call them or the ambient energy to move objects (even hefty ones) or to make sounds!

Other examples raising varying degrees of awareness involve deceased people who manifest themselves by clearly drawing or writing a figure in a totally blue sky, creating a perfectly delineaned “cloud” with the aim to lead their close relatives to understand that they do exist in another (non physical) plane (26). This type of phenomenon is not that uncommon but since it belongs to an unsettling domain – that of paranormal – it is relatively little known.

These examples show that if the elemental beings who we know are pure spirits, live in another world different from ours – there is hence the impossibility for us to perceive them and be aware of their existence – yet they have the ability to exceptionally intervene into our material world.


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