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Orbs and light balls :
the mysterious luminous phenomena

The luminous phenomena associated with the crop circles :
the « balls of light »

For a long time, light phenomena has been observed in England in the region of the crop circles. Numerous observers have seen and even recorded in a camera what they describe as balls of light that move very rapidly during a length in the order of a few seconds, to a few meters above the field. These are mysterious sources of light, whitish, independent of any material object. Sometimes this observation precedes or appears simultaneously with the creation of a crop circle, so that certain researchers think that the crop circles are « created by luminous balls ». Nevertheless, some balls of light have been also observed without a realization of a crop circle, and we must add that the people who have had the chance to observe a crop circle creation have not necessarily seen any luminous phenomenon. The two phenomena, observation of a crop circle and observation of light balls are then sometimes associated, but they are not in every case.

The number of observations and of video recordings no longer allow for doubting the authenticity of these testimonies. It is still about a very strange phenomenon, but also quite real.

The photo-surprises associated with the crop circles

Photo-surprise - Milk Hill - August 2008
Photo © Géraud Laveissière
Photo-surprise (see ref. 9) - Roundway Hill - July 1999
Photo © Bob Nicholas

Sometimes, a luminous phenomenon that seems similar have been observed in some « photo surprises » taken inside a crop circle, even a long time after its realization : the photographer was able to discover on his photo an opaque white light mark (photo 1), while he or she hadn't seen anything with the naked eye. In another case, we can discover a luminous trace on a photo as if a white mark moved itself during the fraction of a second of the shooting (photo 2), which implies a movement at great speed.

Other photo-surprises

Photo © Riccardo

In other cases of photo-surprises taken outside of the region of the crop circles, the photographer was able to discover on his images captured at night and with the help of a flash, luminous white marks in complex and varied forms (photos 3 and 4), while he saw nothing with the naked eye. The complex forms of these images, and the impression of movement that they show, seems to indicate that it is not about simple phenomena of luminous diffraction that should be created by particles or material objects.

Photo © Riccardo

Remark :

These examples of luminous phenomena seem to be of a different nature from what we habitually call « orbs », that show whitish marks, quite circular and rather transparent but non-uniform, with an interior structuring. These « orbs », that can be obtained in very diverse places, that are not seen with the naked eye and that would only be observed with flash photographs, seem to reveal another phenomenon. It seems that certain of these orbs should be caused by diffraction of the light of the flash by microscopic material particles in suspension in the air.

Interpretation proposition

Photo of an elementary being
Photo © Maryse

The balls of light that we can observe even with the naked eye, and the photo-surprises of the type above, involve sources of light that are immaterial sources since the obtained images don't represent material objects. Then it is really about paranormal luminous phenomena. Depending whether the flash functioned or not, we will say that these are respectively, secondary sources (that send the light from the flash) or primary (that create themselves the light sent).

A similarity is imposed between these luminous manifestations and the way in which clairvoyant people see the elemental beings. Indeed, the photographs taken by these people show that the elementals are seen as white « marks » (a dense and uniform white) with changing forms (photos 5 and 6) : these elemental beings are seen as immaterial sources of light of varied forms.

This resemblance leads us to deduce that the preceding luminous phenomena could also be manifestations of elementary beings that exist with very diverse natures : the nature beings are linked to one of the four elements : earth, water, air and fire, and the multiple tales written by the Ancients describe a very great variety of these beings. This idea reinforces the fact that the « light balls » and certain photo-surprises are narrowly associated with the crop circles, for which we have justly proposed the hypothesis that they would be manifestations of elemental beings.

After having proposed the interpretation that elemental beings create the crop circles, we propose then also the idea that the preceding luminous phenomena are manifestations of other elemental beings.

Photo of an elementary being
Photo © Maryse

Stéphane Cardinaux, architect and geobiologist, confirms this interpretation. He declares : « I think that the balls of light that people have perceived around the crop circles are the Elementals (25) ».

The paranormal luminous phenomena being very different manifestations from the crop circles, leads us to deduce that their authors must be distinguished. The luminous phenomena happen in the air above the ground, and can perhaps be created by elemental beings linked to the air which signal to us thus their existence and their presence amongst us. While in the crop circles (of geometric type), the phenomenon is more elaborate because the geometric designs represent a real mode of expression, and they are created at the ground level, in the solid material. Their authors would be then elementals linked to the earth, gnomes, that remind us of the Grasdorf pictogram.

We can finish by saying that the photo-surprises, as their name indicates, are discovered by the photographers that do not possess the gift of clairvoyance, so this type of shooting is the result of « random » or chance. However, the photographs such as (photos 5 and 6) are perfectly mastered by their authors since, being clairvoyant, they see directly the elementals before photographing them.

Can spiritual beings manifest in the material ?

It is perhaps « relatively easy » to admit that the elementals linked to the air manifest themselves by immaterial, luminous forms, but it is probably less easy to understand that other elemental beings can manifest in the solid material, by bending stems of wheat or other grains, to make the crop circles. However, we can quote other phenomena in which spiritual beings are capable of controlling forces in the material plane : these are, for example, all the spiritualism phenomena ! It is yet another category of unknown and controversial phenomena because it is about the paranormal. Moreover, we sometimes hear about « turning tables », or about glasses which move to answer questions asked by a group of people, or poltergeists that consist in emissions of diverse sounds or unexplainable movements of objects. Here, it's about very real phenomena where these are very much spiritual beings, spirits that manifest, called upon in general (but not always !) by a group of people. These spirits belong in fact to another species of elemental beings, and not to souls of deceased according to the widespread belief (19). These beings captivate the energy of the people who call them, or the ambient energy, in order to move objects, even very heavy ones, or emit sounds !

Other examples are more or less known of deceased people who manifest, for example, in drawings or in explicitly writing a sign in the uniformly blue sky with the help of a « cloud » the forms of which are perfectly controlled, to make their relatives understand that they very much exist in another plane of consciousness (26). This type of phenomenon is not so rare, but it touches an area that disturbs because it is also a paranormal phenomenon, which is why it is relatively unknown.

These examples show that if elemental beings who are « pure spirits » live in another world than ours, and that is why we do not perceive them and are not cognizant of their existence, they can, nonetheless, intervene exceptionally in our material world.


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