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The 2015 season in the world,
in Italy and in France

In Wiltshire and all over the world, the number of crop circles stabilized after reducing

During three consecutive years the number of formations visible in England and in the world stabilized to a really significantly reduced number compared to the previous years. The specialized site Crop Circle Connector.

The County of Wiltshire remains the area of the world which offers the highest concentration of crop circles, showing twenty of them this year. The first one to be seen in this area was in a rapeseed crop on April 9th, the season been over as soon as August 19th. Nothing very new appeared, no coded message like the previous ones between 2008 and 2014 which astonished the observers (number Pi, Gold Number, Einstein formula or a molecular formula...).

All this seems to confirm that in Wiltshire as well as the rest of the world, crop circles, from 2013 on, are in a state of discretion; that very year, their number decreased by half compared to the previous ten years. They still amaze people by the way they appear, quite unexplained by science, and still try to catch the attention by showing renewed patterns; their decreased number in Wiltshire puts less pressure on the farmers who did not know where these patterns came from and were not happy to see crowds of invasive tourists in their fields every year. But this attempt of explanation cannot be unique especially in the countries where the number of crop circles is very low.

Thinking over the actual relative discretion from the authors of crop circles

From the year 2013 on, it seems to be a deliberate choice from most of the authors to significantly reduce the number of realizations. However how men can understand this phenomena has not much improved through these past years. It shows clearly when you read all the comments made by journalists or amateurs on Internet. Therefore what is the true reason for being so discreet?

A spectacular evolution of the crop circles was observed in the beginning of the 1990’s to the year 2013 when it stopped; could it be that the authors considered they had already integrated in the previous formations all the messages, all the knowledge and all the informations they wanted to put in them; those authors being very clever spirits of Nature. Maybe they estimate that mankind has now at his disposal a full range of information and elements to actually understand the nature and the true meaning of crop circles, all these elements being now gathered in a few books or in sites on line through Internet.

A coincidence: in 2013 was legally registered in France the book “Crop circles - Creations by the invisible world - The clues to mystery”; as it is suggested by its title the book gives answers, supported by demonstrations, to a great number of questions... It becomes real that all “they wanted to show us” in the past years through the patterns in the fields, all that we should know to find out “the keys to mystery”: not only the meaning of crop circles but also the conditions of their achievement and the significant interaction with human beings, all that, is now available in this book and a few others; these books are at the disposal of sincere searchers. But in the end, the conclusions drawn by those searchers are to be appreciated by the readers.

The following thought appeared in the book we talked about, as to conclude the spiritual research mentioned: “This time now puts the emphasis on materialism and people are not ready to admit the spiritual dimension of the world and of life; thus they cannot see the spiritual nature of crop circles. As a sign of respect, the spiritual world does not put pressure on them and the spirits of Nature do not manifest themselves more obviously...”.

This way of thinking can make us understand the phenomenon is still active at a low level to respect those who are not interested in crop circles. It keeps on repeating year after year to try and catch their attention but without big changes. The sincere searchers who have not yet reached a full comprehension of the matter can still refer to the reliable publications where they will find the elements to think about and come to strong and consistent conclusions.

In these conditions it is no more necessary to realize outstanding pieces or multiply the number of creations if the answers to the main questions already exist written on paper... or at least the necessary elements to come to these answers are available for anybody.

This could be an explanation for the discretion observed from 2013 but sharing those ideas leads to the personal thinking of each reader.

A few very beautiful formations

In Wiltshire appeared a few formations really beautiful and showing subtle and amazingly accurate drawings (photos 1 and 2).

Near Stonehenge - June 24, 2015
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Clearbury, near Odstock (Wiltshire) - July 6, 2015
Photo © Lucy Pringle

An exceptional creation in Italy near Turino...
to be taken cautiously

A beautiful element (photo 3), elaborated as a 16 petals shaped flower was discovered on June 23rd 2015 very close to Turino in Italy. The 16 little “filaments” between the outside petals are made of 8 small circles, some being dark (wheat down) and some are light (wheat up). These 8 circles in a row being all different, it was obvious to think of a coded message in ASCII code (already used several times by the past). Thus it was discovered those words in latin: timeo, “ET”, ferentes.

Near Torino (Italy) - Juin 23, 2015

On each side of the capital letters ET there are two small signs like quotation marks around these letters which suggest those letters are not latin and should be read in to-day’s language. In English as in French ET means “Extra Terrestrial”.

“timeo” means: “I fear”, we could translate it by “beware of” or “careful”.

“ferentes” is the present participle of the verb “fero” which has several meanings possible around the idea of lifting or supporting.

The english translation could be: “beware of those who support extra terrestrials”. But the translation of this sentence is not unanimously accepted. It seems other indications can be read in the inside of the flower but they have not yet been decoded.

It is important to observe this crop circle seems – by its complexity and its coded message on ASCII basis - to be connected to the two formations seen in 2010 and 2011 in Poirino very close to Turino, all that suggesting strongly a common origin. These three realizations are really very different from all the others seen in Italy up to now, which are geometrical patterns a lot more modest. The design shown is even more complicated than all the others ever seen in Wiltshire, and particularly the patterns seen this year: these observations reveal a different origin for the three of them.

The spiritual research explained in the book “The keys to mystery” (in french) concluded the designs dated 2010 and 2011 had connections with evil forces and therefore had been created by authors connected to these forces. The informations read in the design of 2011 and probably in the 2015 one, very similar, are misleading and confusing for the observers (refer to the 2011 updating). The reference to ET is connected to the commonly admitted interpretation of crop circles; this interpretation is wrong and therefore very confusing for the researchers who do not yet know the true nature of these patterns.

On the other hand, by choosing to express themselves in Latin (the first time it happens) and not in an international language such as English (as they did on June 6th 2014 in England) the authors put the emphasis on their connection to Italy.

Let us remind the region of Turino is well known, in esoteric circles, for black magic sessions being held these days; this reveals the evil forces being present. And this shows how important it is to have a proper judgment talking of crop circles or any other topic.

A new remarkable creation in France

Between Rauwiller and Goerlingen (France) - 2015

The unique crop circle reported in France this year appeared between the villages of Rauwiller and Goerlingen, very close to the city of Sarrebourg in “Alsace bossue” (Bas-Rhin) (photo 4).

It is important to observe, once more, the specificity of this area around Sarrebourg about crop circles. Following the 6 formations already observed in Hilbesheim (2006), Hesse (2007), Sarraltroff (twice in 2006 and 2008), Bourscheid (2009) and Imling (2013) here is a seventh formation in less than 10 years only a few kilometers from each other and around Sarrebourg.

Its geometry refers to the patterns that previously appeared in Bourscheid in 2009 and in Imling in 2013. The similarity between these patterns shows that theirs authors do not have the same knowledge as developed in other neighbourg countries such as Germany for instance. This observation reminds us that the spirits of Nature are independent from each other.

What a friend, who is a geobiologist in the area,
observed (Maurice H.)

  • The measures of the pattern (length 60 meters and width 37 meters) give a ratio very close to the Gold Number,
  • There is no difference of radioactivity between the outside (30 meters away) and the center of the pattern.
  • The center of the pattern is located on the very center of a Celtic religious spot.
  • This center happens to be the crossing point of several lines connecting other religious spots from the old times in the surroundings.
  • Geobiologist's observations - 2015
  • The vibrating ratio is remarkably high (170 000 UB compared to an “average” ratio of 6 500 UB).
  • And finally, a strong stream of water flows under the crop circle.

The image below (photo 5) shows all these observations. The yellow and red lines are the geomantic lines (connecting all the surrounding other religious spots). The purple circle is the religious spot. The blue dotted line is the stream of water flowing from South to North.

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