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The 2012 season in England
(and the Netherlands)

Ice circles in the Netherlands

Circles on the ice in the Netherlands - February 9, 2012
Photo © Marvin Willemsen

The season started in February in the Netherlands by very beautiful circles perfectly drawn on a water surface covered with a thin layer of ice and snow (photo 1). Such circular formations are reported every winter in northern countries, either on snow fields or on lakes or even on frozen rivers. Is it necessary to mention that, considering how thin the ice is, it is inconceivable that these circles are man made?

This pure geometric form can be compared to that of all the crop circles up to 1980. These circles and the same mysterious conditions of their formation indicate a similar origin. They are a manifestation of the spirits of Nature.

On this picture, one could see a wink from these spirits in their juxtaposition of the ice circles with a man made landscape of similar circular shape.

A weird earthworm

Boreham Woods, Wiltshire - July 5, 2012
Photo © Lucy Pringle

Humor was evident this year in several formations in England; for example in this kind of earthworm that pokes a funny head out of its hole, with two antennae and a mocking look (photo 2). This pattern is really unusual and seems irresistibly to be a hoax but apparently it is really authentic. It was noticed it is very similar to a drawing painted on the vehicle of one addicted to crop-circles in the neighborhood.

Extraterrestrial faces caricatures

Fox Hill, Wiltshire - July 25, 2012
Photo © Lucy Pringle

Humor is present also in the caricature of an extraterrestrial head in Fox Hill (photo 3). Here too, one suspected a hoax but the formation does seem authentic; moreover, it is not the first time such a shape is found in fields.

In 2011 a similar caricature was drawn twice in different sites. In the second one, most ironically, the head is wearing a kind of tiara as if the brain was boiling, but also of a lit pipe (photo 4). The way in which the wheat stems are laying down, shows this shape could not have been realized by men.

Cherhill White horse, Wiltshire - July 27, 2011
Photo © Lucy Pringle

These shapes are moving resolutely away from the sacred geometry that characterized crop circles since the 1990s; they are very surprising. These faces with pointy chins, big almond eyes, are total caricatures and correspond to how we see extraterrestrials from the movies. These shapes give credence to the belief some still have that these crop circles are created by ETs, and could be used as a proof by gullible people.

In fact, this theory is linked to an ignorance of the little people and of their behavior toward humans. These shapes show a sense of humor on behalf of their authors; it could even be a way to mock humans who are so ignorant of the world they inhabit. On the contrary, perceptive persons (Rudolf Steiner for instance) describe the little people as playful spirits ; they don't shy from playing tricks on people from time to time and are not always well intentioned. In many parts there are more intelligent than them, their knowledge is very wide; it is understandable they like to mock the ignorant and naive attitude of men who do not understand the nature of the signs they send to us.

This type of rough caricature matches with the origin of crop circles elaborated by the little people; but what makes things difficult is that men do not know this little people.

The vitamin A molecule

Four Mile Clump, Wiltshire - July 29, 2012
Photo © Graham M. Lawson

The vitamin A molecule was represented In a flax field transformed by astonishingly red blooming poppies (photo 5). There again, the authors resolutely shifted from the sacred geometry to join the very « serious » scientific knowledge. It is not the first time a molecular structure was represented. For example in 2011 a melatonin molecule had been represented. We can easily check that the atoms of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen have been carefully differentiated and placed according to our knowledge of chemistry.

By performing those shapes of complex molecules, the authors wanted to expose their deep knowledge on how matter is structured, especially in molecular chemistry. This knowledge completely matches the abilities of the little people, according to Rudolf Steiner: they show a large range of knowledge and they are able to impact matter to demonstrate it.

We have to add that the molecule A is the main component of the red pigment of poppies such in the form of beta-caroten. We think the fact of this molecule was represented in a poppies field has nothing to do with chance but demonstrates the authors’ knowledge.

A constantly growing complexity

Several drawings show a constantly growing complexity every year, not only in details and harmony (photo 6), but also in how the stems are bent down, showing a 3D effect (photo 7).

Etchilhampton, Wiltshire - July 28, 2012
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Kackpen Hill, Wiltshire - August 26, 2012
Photo © Lucy Pringle

No more circles in some of the crop circles !

Though most of the shapes - even the complex ones - are still elaborated on the basis of the circle or part of the circle, we notice in some formations the chosen pattern does not rely on any circular form (photo 8).

Devil's Den, Wiltshire - August 12, 2012
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire - July 20, 2012
Photo © Lucy Pringle

The number of realizations is static

The number of realizations inventoried in England is static compared to the previous years, with about sixty authentic formations, several of them realized in two or three times; the added parts can be of different styles like it is here in Stanton St Bernard (photo 9).

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