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The 2014 season in England
(and the Netherlands)

A very short number of crop circles
in Wiltshire and all over the world

On two consecutive years, the number of formations showed a striking diminution in Wiltshire County compared to the previous years. “Only” 18 patterns have been observed this year, when they were about 40 every year, that means a 50% decrease.

All over England, about 50 crop circles were observed compared to about 65 the years before.

In the whole world, according to which is the site of reference and collects all formations pointed out in all countries, the total number is 83, much under what was previously reported (an average of 133 between 2004 and 2012).

A strong message

In June 2014 was discovered in Chilcomb Down, close to the town of Winchester - Hampshire County - a pattern that looked simple : dots and dashes in row drawing a spiral (photo 1). This pattern was found to be a message written in Morse code (still in use by militaries for transmitting : picture 3).

The message is “No more war” (photo 2).

Gipsy Lane, Chilcomb Down (Hampshire) - June 6, 2014
Photo © Lucy Pringle
The glyph of Gibsy Lane being decoded - Chilcomb Down (Hampshire)
Photo © Crop Circle Connector
International morse code

This message was created precisely on June 6th, on the 70th anniversary day of D-Day - June 6th 1944 - in Normandy. What is inside the message and the coincidence with the birthday of this special event show with no doubt that its authors are aware of the aggressive nature of mankind ; the authors know our history and that many places of our world are still at war. Let us remind these authors are intelligent beings, they are present on Earth but they are non human people. That is enough to think about...

A few drawings very elaborated

In Wiltshire County the most elaborated patterns appear, showing for instance, as illustrated below, cereal stems bent to the ground in different ways, the result being a star inside a circle in a subtle and harmonious drawing (photos 4 and 5). The result is perfect and requires an astounding technique ! By doing so, they remind us the high level of knowledge and intelligence of the authors. It also points out these patterns are not human fakes.

Cherington (Gloucestershire) - July 27, 2014
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Cherington (Gloucestershire) - July 27, 2014

Remnants of human history

In Wiltshire, it has been observed for long that some of the geometric patterns are deliberately pointing out a remnant of the local history. This year it was facing a tumulus or in this very case, a “hillfort” (photos 6 and 7), an upraised area defended by several circular ditches and walls of clay protecting the houses built inside, in the old times of the Iron Age. By pointing out these remnants, maybe the authors intend to remind us the time when those clay works were performed, when people would take Nature in consideration and were still close to the spirits of Nature.

Badbury Rings (Dorset) - June 17, 2014
Photo © Lucy Pringle
Photo © Lucy Pringle

A glyph in a maize field in Netherlands

Maize stems are strong and break easily which makes them not suitable to realize crop circles. It is not possible for men to bend those stems without breaking them. For a few years, some patterns have been realized in September in the maize fields of Wiltshire. The majority of stems were bent without damage, only 10 or 15% were broken. This may be the reason why in England no more glyphs appeared in maize fields.

Last Summer, in Netherlands, maize stems were used for a very simple pattern (a horseshoe shape) (photo 8). The observation on the spot shows almost all the stems being properly bent and a small quantity uprooted or broken. By observing closely the bent ones (photo 9), it appears this pattern cannot be drawn by human beings.

Hoeven (Netherlands) - September 3, 2014
Hoeven (Netherlands) : detail - September 3, 2014

All these geometrical patterns intend to catch our attention, either by their high degree of sophistication or by the type of the plants used, to prove their origin cannot be human. They want to help us understand those intelligent and invisible beings, who know well mankind, are among us and inform us.

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