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Analysis of crop circle formations
in Lorraine (France)

Analysis of the crop circle formation in Lorraine in 2009

Two crop circles were signaled in France during the summer of 2009, the first near Bourges, the second (which I personally visited) in Lorraine, in the village of Bourscheid close to Hérange (canton of Sarrebourg) (photos 1 and 2).

Bourscheid - 2009
The black areas represent the area of laid down stems

Very few visits

When I visited this formation on 19 July 2009, it looked visibly ancient : bad herbes had grown and were dressed up, still green, amongst the bent dry corns. Although I was astonished to see that there were only few traces on the ground where visitors had walked to see the crop circle formation. Visibly, a few persons had ventured before our visit, but few persons were aware of this crop circle. As for me, I had the chance of being informed of this end of June by a local habitant (thanks to Arnaud Thiry), but no information had been mentioned or diffused in the press to the public.

An amusing anecdote : upon approaching my camper car parked along the corn field in order to take a photo from the roof top of the camper car, which was a source of attraction by far... we were noticed by the patrolling police. The police, intrigued, came to see us... and we realised that they themselves were not aware of the existence of this crop circle formation in this sector which was normally under their control ! The existence of this crop circle was not even known by the local habitants of this region.

Local newspaper (July 24, 2009)

It so happens that during the following days, an aerial photo vue was taken, published in the local newspaper of July 24 (photo 3), and the field immediately mowed on the 25th.

This anecdote confirms the stories of several persons that I had met during my conferences, stating that since a number of years a certain number of crop circles were formed in France but not recorded in the database, as there were no press articles, and unknown to the locals.

It is authentic

A large portion of the stems have remained upright amidst the laid down stems
Photo © Daniel Harran
Example of stems bent at the 3rd node
Photo © Daniel Harran
Rows of upright stems in the traces of the mower inside the circle where the stems were laid down
Photo © Daniel Harran
Same observation : rows of stems upright in the traces of the mower, inside the circle where stems were laid down
Photo © Arnaud Thiry

I quietly observed on July 19 this formation of Bourscheid, and my belief is that this is real, for several reasons (see the precedent heading : « real crop circles are not man made » for more explanations).

  • 1 –  For one, if it wasn't this way and had been made by the hands of man (or by human foot...), why would the authors wish to remain anonymous after having done such a big job without being seen ? If this is true that these men « took pleasure » by creating these mysterious designs in the corn fields, it would be logical to think, that whatever their motivation, they would have spread the word in order to be admired, so that everyone would talk about them... But the reality is that no one knew or had knowledge before July 24, and the owner of the corn field stated that this formation dated back to June 18.
  • 2 –  On the other hand, having done the dowser baguette test it was very clear : that even a month after creation, the energy variation was spectacular on entering and on leaving the formation (the dowser baguette would completely open and close in a parallel manner).
  • 3 –  Another observation in the zone around the bent corn stems : an important proportion of stems remained vertical, although the majority of the remaining corns remained bent down on the ground (photo 4). This observation speaks clearly, and shows incompatibility with work that would have been done with a wooden plank. The fact that the stems were clearly either bent to the ground (even after a month), or stemmed up, shows that this is not a phototropism effect (often evoked) that would have entrained this verticality in an unnatural manner. Besides the same observation can be done on the photographs that were confided to me and that were taken at the end of the month of June, when all the corn stems were still green : they showed the same caracteristics.
  • 4 –  Another very significant observation : a close examination of the stems laid down on the ground showed that, in several circles, they were all bent at the 3rd node (photo 5) ! But the effet of time and probably bad weather has meant that despite the bending, the top was not always drawn to the sky but partially lying on the ground (due to a twist of the stem). These bendings could not possibly have been created by man, and are not related to phototropism since the stems were not all bent in this way.
  • 5 –  Finally, the rows of corn in the traces of the tractor (which were smaller) remained perfectly upright although the stems were laid on both sides of these traces (photo 6), this is also a significant indication of the authenticity of the formation. Again, it is true from observation that I hade made a month ago after the creation of the crop circle that it had lost its force as the corn had grown after the creation. But the same observation can be made very clearly in the photographs taken three weeks before and given to me (photo 7).

It finally appears that the previous analysis made on the basis of observations on the ground does not leave much room for doubt about the authenticity of this crop circle !

The double meaning of this crop circle

  • 1 –  We exist ! Is, in my opinion, the primary meaning of all the crop circles. I proposed the idea that they are, almost all of them, made by elementary beings, who are intelligent spirit beings and present amongst us. They are seeking to attract the attention of man who have forgotten their existence although we live, them and us in an interdependent way on the same Earth.

For some simple geometry crop circles, it seems that their meaning is limited essentially to express this : « we exist ! », and are intended to be seen by men. At Marly in 2008 for example, the message was seen by a number of persons since the glyph was close to the city of Metz along a main road.

But in other cases, the location of this formation is in itself carrier of a different meaning, which is complementary. This is so for the formation of Bourscheid where I did make a very significant observation.

  • 2 –  Warning : weapons of war ! I have shown in previous sections of this site that, often in England in the county of Wiltshire, crop circles whose pattern has a preferred direction, are specifically a characteristics of this region, either a « white horse », a mound, or the Silbury hills. I showed that it is precisely the fact a « finger pointing » evidence of the Atlantean civilisation which gives this a deeper meaning to these crop circles.

In the present case of Bourscheid, the field in which was conducted the formation was nearby (100 m) of a military camp, which is the air base of the 1st regiment of combat helicopters of Phalsbourg. In fact the glyphe was drawn in the corn field closest to this base, the immediate field adjacent to the base had been sown with corn. Furthermore, the geometric formation presented a symetric axis (photos 1 and 2). And while I was mounted on the roof of my camper car to take a picture from the top, I was surprised to find that the symetrical axis was precisely oriented towards... the control tower of the air base.

This situation and orientation cannot be a coincidence, and gives by all means an obvious meaning to this formation. The control tower is the headquarters of the military base, and this crop circle was deliberately trying to draw our attention towards this tower, a symbol of human activity related to weapons of destruction, related to war. Unfortunately, nobody noted this significant orientation, and nobody understood the real meaning. It is true that the tower was not visible from the ground due to a curve in the field.

Analysis of the crop circle formations in Lorraine (France)
from 2006 to 2009

Four villages around Sarrebourg have seen crop circles appearing during these last years

The number of crop circles formed in France is low each year. However, is has been observed in recent years an amazing concentration around the town of Sarrebourg in Mozelle.

  • 2006 : in Hilbesheim (5 km to the north of Sarrebourg) (photo 9).
               in Sarraltroff (5 km to the north of Sarrebourg) (photo 10).
  • 2007 : in Hesse (5 km to the south of Sarrebourg) (photo 11).
  • 2008 : Sarraltroff (5 km to the north of Sarrebourg) in the same corn field as in 2006 (photo 12).
  • 2009 : in Bourscheid (10 km east of Sarrebourg) (photo 1).
Hilbesheim - 2006
Photo © Arnaud Thiry
Sarraltroff - 2006
Photo © Arnaud Thiry
Hesse - 2007
Sarraltroff - 2008
Photo © Arnaud Thiry
Bourscheid - 2009

Note that the two formations appeared in 2006 are not known to specialists and therefore are not recorded in the database because there were no articles in the newspaper, but an inhabitant of Sarraltroff however photographed them. I personally visited these formations that appreared in Sarraltroff in 2008 and in Bourscheild in 2009, and in both cases I observed evidences attesting of their authenticity.

These five formations, conducted in the corn fields, have a simple geometry (circles and arcs). The motifs are not so elaborated as in England, as is the case generally.

But their location gives rise to several observations :

  • the glyphe of Hilbesheim (photo 9) was made precisely at the place where was built, a year later, a large electrical transformer (which is a source of electromagnetic interference to the surrounding areas).
Sarraltroff (2008) : crop circle in front of the village
Photo © Arnaud Thiry
  • the two glyphs of Sarraltroff (photos 10, 12 and 13) were created in the same field (!), prominent in front of the village and the route of a proposed high speed railway line (potential source of nuisance to the nearby population, and a source of electromagnetic pollution). This can be checked online and verified that the high speed railway line will indeed pass through this village of Réding, close to Sarraltroff.
  • the glyphe of Hesse (photo 11) was formed near a landfill waste at the end of treatment (source of chemical pollution and smell to the surrounding region).
  • the glyphe of Bourscheid (photo 1) was formed, as we have seen, in front of the military base of the 1st regiment of combat helicopters of Phalsbourg, representing human activity that is highly objectionable and condemnable since related to weapons of war.

These valuable observations allow us to draw several conclusions concerning the authors of these crop circles.

  • 1 – The authors wish to draw our attention to harmful human activities. This unusual concentration in this very limited area around the town of Sarrebourg shows insistence on the part of the authors to bring to our attention every time human activity can affect the natural environment (by destroying the ecological balance) or to human life (related to war). It is evident that the meaning behind these crop circles is this : the authors seek to make us aware of the harmfulness or toxicity of these activities, that destroys the natural balance.

The same analysis could be made in the case of the crop circles that appeared in 2008 near Valence, in the Drôme. It was apparent that several incidents were reported in the factory of Romans, specialized in the manufacture of fuel elements for nuclear reactors for use of research. Several other incidents were also reported a few days after in the central nuclear station of Tricastin, situated in the same region. It seems clear that the temporal and geographical proximity of the glyph in relation to these events is somewhat disturbing, as if one wanted to draw our attention to these nuclear incidents.

  • 2 – The authors have an independant nature. It is unfortunately obvious that such sources of nuisances and pollution are also found elsewhere in other regions of France and Europe : the problems are not more serious here than elsewhere, but the authors focused on this very limted region around the town of Sarrebourg. We noticed that they behave as if they were habitants of this place. This remark indicates that the authors (who are probably spirits or elemental beings) are attached to this region, and have decided to manifest their presence to try to defend it. And if the elementals present elsewhere have not decided, to manifest, this shows that these elemental beings do not maintain a relationship amongst them and have a sense of independence highly developed (as reported by R. Steiner  (21)).
  • 3 – Authors often ineffective ! On the other hand, inspite of their insistence to question mankind by renewing their creations every year, these crop circles are often overlooked (twice in 2006, and still almost the case in 2009), and the fact that in Bourcheid in 2009 the glyphe oriented towards the control tower of the military base remained unknown to almost everyone, shows that these signs that the authors sent us in the corn fields are ineffective as they are not understood by man and not seriously taken. In fact, the majority of the local habitants of this region are persuaded that these drawings are actually made by pranksters by their fellow race.
  • 4 – The authors present amongst us, without us knowing ! At Hilbesheim like in Sarraltroff, the location of these crop circles shows that the authors had knowledge of the projects decided by man, long before it had been made on the ground. This observation is very significant and we must understand by this that the authors are intelligent and immateriel beings amongst us, who live amongst us, and can observe us, without us knowing !


The above observations, in particular the fact that these warning signals adressed to us are so ineffective because people tend to not take them seriously, and the fact that the authors have drawn our attention to activities which undermine the natural balance in this region of Sarrebourg, even though these activities are not more serious here than elsewhere, are not compatible with the hypothesis of the authors being highly evolved beings, of extraterrestrial nature for example. They tend on the contrary to comfort the hypothesis that the authors are elementals.

These beings of nature doted with intelligence suffer from repeated damage that men inflict upon the Earth, and they have decided to warn us but dispose of a limited means of expression. We know that these beings who are attached to matter can express only through matter, as they lack the ability to speak to us otherwise.

This analysis of the Lorrain crop circles shows that the main preoccupation of these elementals is to protect nature, as they are effectively the guardians. This concern does not appear explicitly in the crop circles formed in Wiltshire in England, where the focus was primarily on remembering Atlantis, but the profound meaning of these two concerns intertwine.

We realize that the analysis of some of these crop circles formed in France provides information that are different and complementary to those we have deduced from observation in Wiltshire in England, and can reveal a few characteristics of these nature spirits that we know so little of. These characteristics are entirely consistent with the descriptions of these elementary beings made by R. Steiner (21) and P. J. Petri (19).

Ultimately, the crop circles show us that observers outside to mankind, but present amongst us and living amongst us, are nature spirits, sending us warning messages with insistence. But men ignore them and continue to conscientiously destroy the natural environment in which they live, pretending through ignorance thereby condemning themselves.


19 :  Patrick J. PETRI - Connaissance initiatique 3 - Êtres élémentaires & entités angéliques (Spiritual Book France).

21 :  Rudolf STEINER - L'homme, les animaux et les esprits élémentaires (Ed. Triades).

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