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“Real” crop circles are no less than pieces of art, grandiose, constantly renewed and created “in the twinkling of an eye”, without any witnesses or ground traces left.
Crop circles leave all observers perplexed.

Among the mysterious phenomena humankind is confronted with in our time, crop circles stand out because they are concrete accomplishments. They appear materially and repeatedly year after year and can be observed by anyone.

It is definitely a phenomenon of our time. Although they have been observed for ages, their number increased significantly in the 80s before levelling off. More than 100 crop circles are reported every year across the world, one third of which are in the UK. They are more and more visible. 20 years ago they could be observed from June through August but the “season” now begins in April and does not end until late September (in countries of the Northern Hemisphere).

It seems obvious that the ultimate aim of the crop circle phenomenon is to somehow call out to today's humankind! But a great majority of us are uninformed or incredulous, unaware of the reality of our own world.

Who is responsible for them?      What are their motives?

The owner of this site – former professor and researcher in physics – tackled the study of this phenomenon via a different approach and... proposes original answers.

In this section, all of the aerial pictures were taken by Lucy Pringle (site:
Thanks to Lucy for her kind contribution.

Most of the photographs taken from the ground were taken
by the author of this site.

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