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The Col de Vence:
mysterious falling stones

The Col de Vence plateau is a relatively desert area located in France, on the heights of the city of Nice, 1,000 meters above sea level. It is known for being the locale of a great variety of mysterious phenomena, which for a long time have attracted UFO enthusiasts. This area is one of the rare places in the world where a great variety of phenomena – unexplained by science – take place in a limited sector. These phenonema, being different from one another, could at first sight look totally unrelated. But the synchronicity (in some cases) and the fact the events occur in the same place, suggest a common origin.

Let us come back to some of the most significant episodes reported in the book “Les Mystères du Col de Vence” published under the supervision of Pierre Beake, and view them in the light of what we know about elementals (ref UFOs page). The possibility of interpreting these episodes, whatever their variety and their singularity, as different manifestations by nature spirits, will come to light.

The mysterious falling stones are among the most spectacular phenomena taking place at col de Vence. As Pierre Beake and his friends were walking on a quiet road at night, they felt “assaulted” by stones falling around them. None of the stones hit them. They realized that the projectiles fell down vertically, but it being dark, they could not see where they were falling from. Hitting the ground or the body of vehicles, the impacts were very distinct; several cars were damaged by dents and some windshields were even broken. They noticed that most stones hardly rolled on the ground after the impact. The size of the stones ranged from that of gravel to that of a fist but sometimes could be as big as weighing several pounds.

Col de Vence: the Idoles' village

These events exhibit the signs of an invisible intelligence obviously present on-site, in direct interaction with the people (unbeknownst to them). These intelligences have the ability to control matter by throwing stones with controlled power to frighten strollers. They never hurt them; the fact that the stones fall at their feet practically without rolling after the impact, clearly shows that these actions are under control in order to not take the risk of hurting anyone.

Exceptionally, this phenomenon happened in broad daylight. In 1955, “Patrick and Pierre were on their way back from the village of Saint-Barnabé on foot. As they were walking down the road, they starting talking about the falling stones. Approaching the parking lot, Patrick instinctively turned around and as he watched dumbfounded, he saw a big stone on the road shoulder come up off of the ground. The stone flew in a parabolic pattern, passing over their heads to eventually crash on the road a few meters ahead of them. Because of the severity of the impact, the stone shattered into 3 pieces. This account is one of the rare manifestations of this type that could be witnessed from A to Z in the daytime in front of the astonished eyes of witnesses.”

If we take this incredible event for real, it is obvious that it was caused by an intelligent and invisible entity that was present among the two protagonists. The parabolic trajectory of the stone – characteristic of an object subjected to the initial force before undergoing the force of gravity – is evidence that the entity threw it with a calculated force so that it could fly over the two men's heads.

It is worth noting the synchronicity between the moment when Patrick turned around and the moment at which the stone left the ground. This synchronicity could not be pure coincidence. It suggests that Patrick received a thought that prompted him to turn around, that he was mentally influenced by the invisible entity (initiator of the event) so that he could watch the stone’s trajectory all the way from the beginning through the end.

This event has a very significant pedagogical import. It reveals a particular relationship between the invisible entity and the people present on the site. This relationship is one of respect and benevolence on both sides, but also of a pedagogical intention on the part of the entity to get Man to understand the processes at work.

An intelligent and invisible entity – who lives in another dimension – therefore manifests itself on the spot by telepathically influencing one of the strollers and by using a material object to draw their attention and shake them up and impress them without hurting them. These characteristics can be found in the description of the nature beings, previously listed on the UFOs page, on the basis of spiritual science.

It may be hard to believe, but this spectacular and incredible anecdote is outranked by another one that is even more incredible and indicative of the extent of the capabilities of these nature beings. In the book “Les Mystères du Col de Vence”, we find:

“Winter 1997. Again, a small group of us got together to spend the evening at Col de Vence. At about 11 pm, Patrick gets into his car with 3 other people. He turns on the ignition and switches on the headlights. At this moment, he notices something weird on the left windshield wiper-something that looked like shadow play against the background lit by the car headlamps. He cries out, which draws his friends' attention. They can't believe what they all are watching. The phenomenon is unbelievable: something of an undefinable aspect changing forms, opening out like a flower blooming or crumpled balls of Kraft paper just let loose, eventually morphing into a stone! All four friends jumped out of the vehicle and watched the strange thing up close. They confirmed it was something mineral, light brown, and in all aspects identical to the other stones around. This experience is unique among the long list of oddities reported at Col de Vence.”

As in in the previous account, this event – that can be described as extraordinary and that took place before witnesses'eyes – can only be attributed to an intelligence present on the site. An intelligent and invisible entity had set out to materially show the foursome what it was capable of. Here too the synchronicity between the arrival of the four friends in their car, the moment the headlights were switched on and the materialization of the stone clearly showed the entity’s intention to call out to the witnesses. This suggests that the entity was perfectly capable of seeing them although the other way around was not possible.

If reference is made to the classification of the levels of materiality mentioned on the UFO page, we note that the object was densified to the highest level (ranked Mat 6), the one that corresponds to dense matter (matter that constitutes our environment). In the account, the stone “opened out” meaning that the stone went gradually from the size of gravel to the size of a small pebble and then to the size of a stone. The four friends did witness a process of matter creation “from nothing”. This perfectly illustrates what the entity was capable of.

Here again, this exceptional event taking place in front of four witnesses has a tremendous pedagogical value. The demonstration by the entity was carried out in the best conditions possible so that everyone could observe it. One could interpret it as an explicit will on the part of the entity on the site, to help Man in his clumsy endeavor to understand these phenomena.

The characteristics and the abilities exhibited during these events are those of the elementals. According to spiritual science, these entities are the ones connected to the earth – the only entities capable of manifesting themselves in this manner, by acting on dense matter from invisible planes. We can add that this stone-throwing phenomenon has been cited on several occasions in literature. This means that its origin is earthly. Thus, all indications lead us to the conclusion that this “falling stone” phenomenon is an interdimensional manifestation (an IDIM) initiated by elemental beings addressed to man.

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