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Unidentified Flying Objects

A typical profile of these intelligences
and analysis

Typical profile

On the basis of a number of different and complementary testimonies, all representative of a large number of others, we have drawn up a typical profile of UFOs or better yet, a typical profile of the intelligences controlling these objects. Let us not lose sight of the fact that non-human intelligent beings are present in our environment. They are invisible to us because they live in a different dimension and what is essential to understand here is that they have the ability to manifest themselves in matter (in our world).

  • Tp 1UFOs are controlled by some intelligence.
  • Tp 2They can change form and color within a wide range of possibilities.
  • Tp 3Their behavior can be conspicuous but never conflictual.
  • Tp 4They can make themselves visible and detectable by radar when they are in a dense material state or visible but not detectable when they are in a lower state of density.
  • Tp 5The UFO entities can read and influence our thoughts.
  • Tp 6They can intervene in the material world: to move an object, make it disappear or “abduct” a person, for example.
  • Tp 7UFOs perform as if they were weightless objects.
  • Tp 8They don't mechanically interact with matter (air, shell)

The connection between this typical profile and the description of the elementals developed earlier is now obvious.

Analysis of the typical profile

  • Tp 1The elementals are said to be very intelligent.
  • Tp 2They have the ability to create objects of any form or shape they like. It is therefore conceivable that they may also change their forms, shapes and color.
  • Tp 4Being made of subtle matter themselves, it is conceivable that they can create objects in subtle matter as well. What's more, we know that they can condense these forms into tangible objects. This means that they can transform the density of the same objects at will. This ability to change the density of objects gives a reason why they can make them visible or invisible. Likewise they can make these objects sensitive or non-sensitive to radar electromagnetic waves.
  • Tp 6Even if all of this goes far beyond what is acceptable from a scientific perspective, their ability to condense the form of objects they create leads to expect that they can also transform the density of ordinary objects present in our material world. This means they can interact with objects of our material world and ultimately modify the density of a human body which is tantamount to sending it into another dimension. This operation being reversible.
  • Tp 7The fact that UFOs seem to be weightless may very well be connected to the fact that the elementals are made of sub-matter – a sort of matter that does not have the same density as that of ordinary matter. A matter that does not belong in our space-time.
  • Tp 8If UFOs are from a dimension different from our material world, it becomes clear why there is no mechanical interaction between our two dimensions. Now we understand why what UFOs are capable of is so staggering from a scientific standpoint.
  • Tp 3Now we know that the elementals like gibing humans and playing tricks on them. This trait might explain why they want to get noticed. It might also explain their often absurd, nonsensical behavior; it is as if they wanted to make fun of humans' reactions to their tricks.

We live in a world which is denser than the elementals' and it is therefore possible for them to see us but the converse is not true (except for clairvoyants). It is this capability that allows them to make themselves conspicuous by drawing attention to them through their visible manifestations.

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