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Unknown Flying Objects

Typical portrait of the thought
behind the UFOs and analysis

Typical portrait

Relying upon the analysis of the reports selected for their being varied, complementary and representative of a large number of others, we have drawn the portrait of the typical profile of the UFOs or rather of the thought behind these objects. We actually must keep in mind that from the viewpoint of the knowledge previously mentioned, non-human intelligent beings are found in the environment of the earth, but they are invisible to us as they live in a different dimension. The key element is that they can manifest themselves in the matter.

  • Tp 1There always is intelligence backing the UFOs;
  • Tp 2They are capable of assuming a variety of changes in color and shape;
  • Tp 3Theirs is a conspicuous but never conflicting conduct;
  • Tp 4They can make themselves visible and be detected by radars - they will behave either like dense materials objects, or like invisible and not detected objects, and in the latter case they will behave like ethereal objects;
  • Tp 5They are able to read and to affect men's thought;
  • Tp 6They may take action in the physical world, for example so that an object disappears or is moved, or even to “kidnap” a person;
  • Tp 7Such objects operate like objects that have no weight;
  • Tp 8They have no mechanical interaction with the matter (air, shells).

We realize that such a portrait and the description of Elementals can undoubtedly be reconciled.

An analysis of the typical portrait

  • Tp 1Elementals are actually known to be highly intelligent;
  • Tp 2They can create objects in shapes that suit them: we therefore can imagine that they can also change both these shapes and the colors they give them;
  • Tp 4As they are themselves composed of subtle matter, we can imagine the objects they will create will also be made of subtle matter. Furthermore, their capacity to condense such forms to make them tangible means that they can change the density of such objects as they like. Such a capacity allows us to understand that, by changing thus the density of the objects, they can make them visible or invisible to the human eye. They can similarly make them receptive or not receptive to radar electromagnetic waves;
  • Tp 6Even if it's beyond all comprehension in relation with what we know about science, we can imagine that their power upon the matter (their capacity to condense the shapes they create) may also enable them to alter the density of ordinary objects found in our material world. So they can take action over objects in the material world and even – exceptionally – change the density of a human body, which means make it enter another dimension and the other way round;
  • Tp 7The fact that the UFOs look as if they have no weight can easily be connected to the Elementals' being composed of sub-matter, a form of matter that doesn't have the same density as ordinary matter, a matter that doesn't belong to our time-space;
  • Tp 8For the same reason one can understand that if the UFOs come within a dimension different from our material world, there's no mechanical interaction between these two dimensions, hence their apparently “absurd” behavior from the scientific viewpoint;
  • Tp 3What may account for the Elementals' conspicuous behavior - the fact that they seek public visibility - a behavior that seems often absurd too, is that their main specificity is to enjoy fooling men, playing tricks on them, as if they wanted to make fun of people's responses.

We actually must deduce that, as men live in a denser world than theirs, Elementals are able to see us but not vice versa (except for the clairvoyants). It is this capacity that enables them to have a conspicuous behavior, drawing men's attention through their visible manifestations.

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