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A great diversity of Elementals

The phenomena listed in the introduction are all manifestations of intelligent entities from the invisible world, taking place in our material world. We have seen that the elementals are the only beings connected to Earth, who have the ability to manifest themselves (human souls do not manifest themselves in the same way). In light of the great frequency of these manifestations, of how long they have been occurring, and of the fact they occur all over the world, it seems logical to attribute these phenomena to these entities without the need to resort to hypothetical extraterrestrial explanations.

Now the question is: what is the origin of these phenomena, what is their meaning and what is the rationale behind them? Their characteristics contain partial answers to these questions.

An in-depth analysis of crop circles allowed precise questions to be asked. The primary purpose of these manifestations is to call out Man's attention, to remind us that other forms of intelligent life exist in invisible planes and that the world should not be limited to its material part, a part in which we have confined ourselves.

A gnome []
Illustration © Godo

We have demonstrated that, with the exceptional concentration of crop circles in Wiltshire County in England, near the Stonehenge sites, Silbury hill and the white horses figures, their creators are sending us a warning message. The way these megaliths and this artificial hill were constructed in the prehistoric period remains a mystery. In fact, these crop circle “attractors” were built by a people who had knowledge from earlier civilizations prior to ours (forgotten civilizations). The message of this concentration of sites could be summed up into: “Remember Atlantis”. A message that seeks to help us become aware of the risk of self-destruction.

We have also shown that crop circles are created by nature beings (elementals) and they are in fact created on the initiative of beings of the spiritual hierarchy, who happen to be the guides of humanity. This information gives this phenomenon considerable importance.

Photo of an Elemental
Photo © Maryse
Photo of an Elemental
Photo © Riccardo

Even when it comes to crop circles, a small number of them tell a lot about the mischievous nature of their creators. For example, those showing caricatures of ET faces in the years 2009 and 2011 and again in 2016. These examples reveal the playful and mocking nature of the elementals – who are not conscious of the confusion they create in our minds. Based on spiritual science, this behavior is typical of elementals.

As far as the UFOs and the numerous examples of luminous or material objects appearing stealthily in the sky, it seems that their purpose is just to catch Man's attention and show us that the invisible world is inhabited by other forms of intelligent life. Through behaviors apparently contrary to the laws of science, they probably seek to address humanity in a more impactful way. Surprising us and enjoying watching how we react are also some of their motives. Falling stones, object disappearances and sliding rocks are other examples driven by the same motivation.

In the following paragraphs, we will note that in most of the mysterious phenomena reported at Col de Vence, France, a clear will transpires on the part of the initiators to help those who try as best they can to figure out the nature of these phenomena (but never explicitly).

Then again, those responsible for abductions and human disappearances as well as animal mutilations are neither benevolent nor respectful of humans and animals. Their motives are totally different. Contrary to what most believe, these types of phenomena do fall within the elemental beings' scope of activity. In so doing, these elementals show great independence vis-a vis-man and animals, although they show great interest in them.

Manifestations in the form of “men in black” (another interdimensional manifestation) seek to intimidate witnesses by silencing them.

So, this variety of forms of elemental manifestations suggests a great diversity among these beings. This is an important observation, which actually makes sense when we look at the diversity of human beings and the even greater variety of animals on earth.

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