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Inter-Dimensional Manifestations

Moving rocks
in the Death Valley

This phenomenon has been observed in one location only: in Death Valley, California. The pictures speak for themselves. Stones of up to several dozen pounds seem to be sliding on the practically horizontal floor of a dry lake without human intervention and driven by a mysterious force. These movements can go up to several hundred yards in length. They leave deep tracks behind them in the clay soil of the Valley. They show that the rocks had slid – without rolling – over a distance of up to several hundred yards. Nobody has ever been able to witness or capture these rocks moving.

Sliding stone in the Death Valley
Sliding stone in the Death Valley

Several theories have been put forth trying to scientifically explain these movements. One suggests that it is the combination of a film of water or ice after heavy rainfall and a strong wind. At one point the rocks were even equipped with a GPS to monitor their movements from a distance.

Sliding stone in the Death Valley

But these theories cannot account for abrupt changes in direction, sometimes 90° turns and even 180° turns as shown in a number of photographs without all of the stones being subjected to the same changes. Even if the tracks look like furrows, with an accumulation of mud on the edges, thus confirming that the movements occurred once rain had softened the soil, the sole force of wind cannot explain these complex movements.

Moving stone in the Death Valley

Some other force seems to be at work without researchers knowing exactly what it is. The question is always the same: what is this force? Based on the knowledge previously developed, we feel it is now legitimate to state that the elementals connected with this location, have decided to manifest themselves to Man by leaving visible marks of their action. We know for sure that they have the ability to do it. We know that they like creating conundrums for Man to solve so they can enjoy our reactions. According to spiritual science, this is also one of their characteristics. The sliding rock phenomenon is therefore another example of IDIM.

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