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Abductions at Col de Vence!

The phenomenon of abduction of humans is probably the most spectacular manifestation of these myterious phenomena and the most difficult to apprehend. UFO enthusiasts are legitimately concerned by this issue because it involves human life. No human abduction has ever been reported at Col de Vence or its vicinity, but as cited in the book “Les Mystères du Col de Vence”, two dogs once disappeared to be later released at a place different from that of the abduction.

Col de Vence(the Vence Pass): the plateau of the idols and Puy de Tourettes []

August 1994. “On his way to a restaurant to have dinner with his friends from the Col de Vence team in the hinterland above Grasse, Jean-Pierre takes his two dogs to his car and after giving them food and water, locks them up making sure he left a window cracked open. After they had dinner, he sets out to go to the car and see if everything is all right with the dogs. Lo and behold, the dogs have disappeared! The doors are still locked. He glances at the open portion of the window and notes that, considering the size of the dogs, it was too small to let them out. The dogs had no way of getting out of the vehicle by themselves.”

“Unsettled, Jean-Pierre goes back to the restaurant to tell his friends. Together, they all try to find an explanation. There are no suspicious marks on the car. Jean-Pierre who had locked the doors, checks to see if the locking mechanism is working properly. The disappearance of the dogs is all the more incomprehensible because they have an almost symbiotic relationship with their master. Everybody sets about searching for the dogs in the area. Searches are unsuccessful. No leads at all! Seeing Jean-Pierre emotionally distraught, the group of friends decide to break up into smaller groups in order to canvass the whole area by car..”

“All searches turn out to be fruitless and Jean-Pierre has resigned himself to driving back to Nice with his friends, late into the night. The next day, the restaurant owner spends the whole morning calling people he knows in the area and the dogs'descriptions circulate among the local population. In the early afternoon, a telephone call informs the restaurant that both dogs have been found fifteen kilometers West of the restaurant town. The two dogs, as if by reflex, have stayed together but will not let anyone approach them.”

“Upon Jean-Pierre's arrival, the dogs spot him and rush toward him, showing how glad they were to see him. All of the people around are moved by this reunion. Both dogs are in good health although a bit disoriented in this vast region unknown to them. The circumstances of this dual disappearance remain totally incomprehensible. The context is such that it is tempting to relate this event to the other “oddities” that are rife in the area.”

It is worth noting that although the disappearance of objects at Col de Vence was not uncommon, this animal disappearance was a first, which never occurred again.

The facts are that two dogs were taken out of a locked car, without it being broken into and without their bodily integrity being violated. The dogs were found again safe and sound. Apparently, the dogs seem to have been dematerialized – taken to a subtle dimension so as to be taken out of the car – to then be rematerialzed elsewhere.

We note that this densification/de-densification/re-densification process is common with UFOs going through visibility/invisibility/re-visibility stages (for eye-witnesses and radar screen operators).

On the different levels of materiality scale, we can say that the removal of the dogs from the car was made possible by transforming them into a lower level of density i.e. inferior to Mat–6. This signifies that their bodies dematerialized to re-materialize a little later. A thorough UFO analysis has indeed shown that there is no mechanical interaction between two different dimensions. So in this particular instance, there was no interaction between the subtle world the dogs were put into and the material world which constitutes our environment. All of this means that once the dogs were in a state of de-densification, the car in which they were initially locked up no longer existed from their standpoint because the car just did not exist in their new space-time. This is how they could be taken out of the car – as if they had passed through the closed doors or through the roof. This concept fully supports the IDIM definition.

This interpretation of the temporary disappearance of the dogs is perfectly coherent with the erring ways of the elementals who, as seen earlier in reference to UFOs, have mastery over matter. We have seen that not only do they have the ability to manifest themselves through luminous and material forms with different levels of materiality but they can also act the same way with objects of our environment, including physical bodies of human beings.

This dog abduction episode is another demonstration of what elementals are capable of. What naturally infers from this is that if it has been done with dogs, it could be done with living beings and even with human beings… This event has a precious pedagogical value because it allows us to see the human abduction phenomenon in a different light.

There is however a difference between human abductions and abductions of dogs… Dogs could not recount what had happened between the time their owner left them locked in the car and the time they were found the next day. A great deal of abductees have reported what they had gone through, which often included encounters with beings of humanoid (not human) appearance. These accounts are of paramount importance because they help in understanding the different facets of the abduction processes put into action. These processes will be developed later in a specific analysis.

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