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Unidentified Flying Objects

A new classification
of levels of materiality

This classification of the forms manifested by elementals goes from the highest level of subtleness which is the most energetic, to the highest level of density which corresponds to that of ordinary matter.

  • Mat 1Lowest level of subtleness, purely energetic, in which elementals can usually be found
  • Mat 2This level corresponds to the first manifestation level, the most subtle level in manifestations. It is the one of orbs. This level includes cases where an external light (such as a camera flash, the most common case) is necessary to create orbs through optical diffraction on energetic particles, themselves created by elementals.
  • Mat 3At this level, orbs may appear in photographs even without any external light. These orbs are the expression of the creation of light which is a denser manifestation of the elementals but still not dense enough to be perceived by the human eye.
  • Mat 4This level of materiality applies when light is emitted and is directly visible by the human eye but not detectable by radar. Certain UFOs fall into this category. It may also be the case for “luminous balls” sometimes observed (even captured by cameras) in fields where crop circles have been created. Having said that, there is no known case of this nature involving radars so we do not really know whether or not a radar would be sensitive to this kind of light.
  • Mat 5This next level is denser, more material. It corresponds to cases where objects are visible to the naked eye (thus emitting light) and detectable by radar (meaning they reflect the electromagnetic waves emitted by the radar). But these objects do not seem to belong in our material world.
  • Mat 6This is the highest level of density. Objects are totally material and tangible, similar to those that constitute our material environment.

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