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Unknown Flying Objects

A new classification
of materiality levels

Such a classification of materiality levels of the forms manifested by Elementals proceeds from the most subtle level that is purely energetic, to the densest level that corresponds to ordinary matter.

  • Mat 1That is the most subtle level, a purely energetic one, in which Elementals usually are.
  • Mat 2That level corresponds to the first level of manifestation, the most subtle one, the manifestation of orbs. The cases that are rated here are those in which an adjoining light (most often a flash) is necessary to generate the orbs by optic diffraction on energy particles created by Elementals.
  • Mat 3At that level, orbs may appear in photographs, even if there is no outdoor light available. Such orbs then indicate a creation of light that is a denser manifestation of Elementals, but it is not perceived by the human eye yet.
  • Mat 4That 4th level of materiality corresponds to the case in which a light is emitted that is directly visible to the human eye, yet such a manifestation can't be detected by radars. That is the case for some UFOs. That is also the case of some “balls of light” that are sometimes observed (and even recorded by video cameras) in fields where crop circles were found.
  • Mat 5That even denser, more material level, corresponds to the cases in which objects are visible to the naked eye (therefore emitting light) and that will be detected by radars (they will therefore reflect the electromagnetic waves emitted by such devices).Yet the way such objects work shows they do not belong to our material world.
  • Mat 6That is the densest level, in which the objects have completely materialized and look like the objects we find in our material world.

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