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Other IDIM
Inter-Dimensional Manifestations

We have seen that Crop Circles and UFOs are IDIMs – Inter-DImensional Manifestations – through which beings from another dimension send signs of their presence to Humankind. We have explained that they are elemental beings in most cases. But there are numerous other forms of IDIMs, still considered today as mysterious phenomena of unknown origin. The following is a long, uncomprehensive list of IDIMs:

  • Crop Circles, previously studied;
  • UFOs, same as above;
  • orbs, previously mentioned in the classification of levels of materiality;
  • unexplained falling stones;
  • mysterious noises in a house (Poltergeist);
  • object disappearance;
  • human abductions;
  • disappearance of human beings;
  • “Men in Black”;
  • unexplained animal mutilation;
  • sailing stones (in the Death Valley in the US and elsewhere);
  • weeping or bleeding statues and paintings;
  • marian apparitions;
  • spiritualism.
Oddity at Col de Vence []

This list looks quite eclectic, but these phenomena are all proven real, even if little known and unexplained by modern science. For every one of them, observations show that they are governed by an invisible non-human intelligence. This is precisely why several of them are usually associated with the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin.

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