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Daniel Harran's books

Encounters with<br />Intraterrestrial Humanity<br /><span>UFOs from the “inner earth”</span>

Encounters with
Intraterrestrial Humanity
UFOs from the “inner earth”

(by Daniel Harran)

295 pages

Publication in June, 2022

The greatest fraud in human history?<br /><span>A groundbreaking investigation<br />into the meaning of UFO abductions</span>

The greatest fraud in human history?
A groundbreaking investigation
into the meaning of UFO abductions

(by Daniel Harran)

390 pages

Publication in October, 2020

OVNIs, enlèvements et extraterrestres :<br />des découvertes fascinantes

OVNIs, enlèvements et extraterrestres :
des découvertes fascinantes

(by Daniel Harran)

400 pages

Publication in April, 2019

Les OVNIs et le nucléaire :<br />le choc d'une réalité ignorée

Les OVNIs et le nucléaire :
le choc d'une réalité ignorée

(by Daniel Harran)

241 pages

Publication in October, 2017

UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM :<br />phénomènes mystérieux élucidés

UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM :
phénomènes mystérieux élucidés

(by Daniel Harran)

394 pages

Publication in May, 2016

Crop circles :<br />the answers to all your questions

Crop circles :
the answers to all your questions

(by Daniel Harran)

136 pages

Publication in September, 2015

Crop Circles -<span><br />Créations du monde invisible :</span><br />the keys of the mystery

Crop Circles -
Créations du monde invisible :

the keys of the mystery

(by Daniel Harran)

162 pages
Nombreuses photographies en couleur

Publication in December, 2013

Crop circles:<br />the Chilbolton revelation

Crop circles:
the Chilbolton revelation

(by Daniel Harran)

148 pages

Publication in October, 2011

Crop circles: the challenge to science

Crop circles: the challenge to science

a new approach... some new answers

(by Daniel Harran)

238 pages
More than 150 color photos

Publication in September, 2010

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