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Unknown Flying Objects

Spiritual science

Outlining what is meant by spiritual science can be of use now. From immemorial times, there have always been remarkable men in mankind's history, clairvoyant men who transmitted a teaching based upon a deep and global understanding of the world. Such men, whose names were Zarathustra, Hermes Trismegitus, Aristoteles, Plato, Pythagoras, Christian Rose-Croix, etc. were mankind's guides.

Their teaching encompassed the spiritual forces that are the driving forces of the world, and it was directly transmitted from master to follower, within the limited framework of Mystery Centres - initiation schools that have always existed but had to be sheltered from the outside world by requiring an absolute respect of secrecy. That's why their existence had never been disclosed. Mankind's evolution in the 20th century has made it possible now to open up the teaching of Spiritual Science to all the “seekers of truth”.

Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891), she founded the spirituality movement of Theosophy. A clairvoyant since childhood, she gradually learnt to command Elementals, and devoted partly her work to investigating about these elemental entities. She wrote: “They haven' got immortal spirits or tangible bodies. The more solid part of their bodies is usually just ethereal enough to escape detection by our physical eyes”.

One more key indication: “They not only exist in Ether but they can condense it to the point of generating tangible bodies and giving them whatever shape they wish, thanks to their protean capacity”. The use of such a protean capacity conveys their propensity to change the shape of their productions, which means Elementals can create material bodies in various shapes.

Rudolf Steiner (1865-1925), the founder of the spirituality movement of Anthroposophy. He described in several books the surprising - for they are little-known - capacities of Elementals.

Patrick J. Petri, Selim Aïssel : the movement of Psycho-Anthropology, a teaching suited to our times.

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