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Unknown Flying Objects

Other sources of knowledge

It is now well recognized that, in the light of the UFOs' behavior and of their interactions with the witnesses watching them, these objects are run by out-of-the-ordinary beings. Intelligent entities thus reveal to us their presence, and yet they are not visible to us, they belong therefore to other dimensions. The prevailing assumption is the extra-terrestrial one, yet this is not compatible with some of the things observed, and more and more experts have reservations about it.

There are three distinct sources of knowledge, neglected by sciences:

  • on the one hand, various documents – ancient and contemporary ones;
  • on the other hand, some religious Islamic documents;
  • at last, the knowledge that can be learnt from what is called Spiritual Science.

These three sources remind us of the existence of beings related to the Earth and well-known by the Ancients, but lost in oblivion by contemporary men, for human evolution has resulted in their incapability to see them (except a few ones, endowed with clairvoyance, and sometimes young children). Such anthropomorphous-looking beings are called spirits of Nature or Elementals. They actually were given various names long ago, names in relation with the group they belonged to and the parts of the world where they were found (fairies, imps, gnomes, elves, sylphs, etc).

Such beings are often described as supernatural, precisely because their existence isn't ”natural” for men, since most of them can't see them. Although they acknowledge they existed in the past, some researchers believe they have disappeared over the years, overlooking thus two assumptions for their extinction : they either have really disappeared from the Earth or we, human beings, are no longer able to see them.

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