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Unidentified Flying Objects

Other sources of knowledge

Based on how they act and also because of their interactions with observers, UFOs are now recognized as objects controlled by unknown intelligences. In other words, intelligent entities reveal their presence among us but they are invisible to us and consequently belong in other dimensions. The hypothesis that prevails over all others is the extraterrestrial one but it is not compatible with certain observations and more and more specialists question it.

Three sources of knowledge ignored by science should be brought to mind:

  • a number of texts, some of which are ancient and others contemporary;
  • religious Islamic texts;
  • knowledge from what we call spiritual science.

All three sources converge as if to remind us of the existence of beings connected to Earth, beings that the Ancients knew well but they were forgotten over time because human evolution took the ability to see them away from man (except for a few clairvoyant people or certain young children who can see them). These beings capable of anthropomorphic appearances are called nature spirits or Elementals. In fact, they have been called a whole variety of names according to the region of the world or to the family they belong to (fairies, leprechauns, gnomes, elves, sylphs, etc.).

These beings are described as “supernatural” because they are invisible to man or at least to most of them, which makes their existence anything but natural. A number of specialists do recognize their existence in the past but they believe they simply disappeared over time. But this opinion overlooks the fact that if these beings indeed became invisible to us as time passed, two hypotheses then should be considered: either they did disappear from earth or we – human beings – have lost the ability to see them.

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