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Unidentified Flying Objects

The orb phenomenon

Spiritual science and modern physics consider matter as condensed energy – as summarized by the famous Einstein equation E = m c². However, spiritual science also considers that light is energy partially condensed. This leads us to understand that purely luminous manifestations, such as the mysterious orbs, may actually represent subtle forms of manifestations by elemental beings.

Orbs are disk-shaped forms – white, most of the time – found in photographs, superimposed although not visible to the naked eye. An earlier study (see the book « Crop Circles - The challenge to science », in french) shows that this phenomenon can be accounted for by light diffraction. The latter may be caused by dust particles between the photographed object and the camera. It has been proven that the phenomenon may also appear without any dust particles. In this case, the phenomenon goes beyond current scientific knowledge. If we use the mass-energy equivalence principle, one may consider that the diffraction of light is caused by “energetic particles” – particles that might reveal the presence of invisible beings (immaterial) like elemental beings.

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