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Unknown Flying Objects

The phenomenon of orbs

In fact, spiritual science and modern physics consider that matter is condensed energy, as indicated in Einstein’s famous relationship: E = m c². Yet, spiritual science also considers that light is partially condensed energy, that’s why the first types of manifestations, the most subtle ones, are purely light manifestations, called orbs.

Orbs are these circular artifacts, most often white, that are found sometimes in photographs, superimposed on the subject, although the phenomenon was not discernible to the naked eye. A previous report (see the book « Crop Circles - The challenge to science », in french) has demonstrated that they can be accounted for by the phenomenon of diffraction of light that can be generated by particles of dust found between the subject and the lens of the camera, but orbs with no dust have been experimented as well. Thus, such a phenomenon is beyond current scientific knowledge. Taking the equivalence mass-energy as a support, we may consider that in this case, optical diffraction has been created by “energy particles”. Such “energy particles” may indicate the presence of invisible beings (non - physical), for example elemental beings.

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