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Unknown Flying Objects

Very noteworthy observations

We have investigated about the UFOs according to a simple yet novel method, by drawing up the typical picture of the thought behind them. We have then analyzed about fifteen reports by witnesses, reports that are representative of a large number of them. The survey about the UFOs was conducted like an investigation, independent from any apparently absurd conduct of these objects from the current scientific viewpoint. These cases were selected among the ones whose authenticity was insured by a large number of experts - they have, as an example, been mentioned in the COMETA Report. The whole survey was developed in the book « UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM » (in French).

Very noteworthy observations

Here is as an example, a line of reasoning that has been followed and is representative of this survey. Several testimonials show there isn't any mechanical interaction between the UFOs and the material world, in particular in the air through which they move:

  • no supersonic bang when moving beyond the speed of sound;
  • no whooshing sound when moving at top speed in the air;
  • no air turbulence when travelling at top speed over the ground;
  • there's even a case of a UFO that hasn't been impacted, although a large number of shells had gone through it.

In all such reports, the laws of physics are not observed – such testimonies are therefore incomprehensible from the scientific viewpoint. Rational reasoning leads us to the conclusion that despite appearances, the UFOs aren't found in our time-space. It is as though the UFOs, although they are visible in our time-space, in our material world, are actually found in another world, in a different dimension or at a parallel level.

Such reports compel us to acknowledge that the UFOs are not composed of ordinary matter, the one that composes our environment in the world we live in, as they do not react as the ordinary matter we know. The logical consequence is that they seem to be composed of a different matter, a sort of subtle matter that is visible in our material world and yet “doesn't exist” in this world. This is of course unbelievable from the viewpoint of the laws of present science and conveys the idea that such objects abide by different laws, and belong to another level or another dimension.

More noteworthy observations

Similarly, the way the UFOs respond shows that it looks as if they aren't subject to the law of gravity (it looks as if they have no mass), for example when they hover in the air noiselessly and with no proper engine (witnesses standing very close to the objects were sometimes able to watch this). One more detail that has been seen: they are not subject to the law of inertia, being able to, instantaneously, accelerate as quickly as a flash or to take sharp turns. And here again, no inertia means no mass, which is inconceivable from the scientific viewpoint and which seems to indicate that these objects, although they are visible, have no physical reality in our time-space, that they fall within the province of another level, of another dimension.

What the examples here above indicate to us is that we must stop wishing to comprehend the UFOs phenomenon by just relying on the laws acknowledged by science. It seems obvious that the UFOs conduct doesn't come within the current science scope of knowledge. To understand such phenomenon we will have to rely on other bases of knowledge, not acknowledged by science and/or this will lead us to set the bases of a new science. That is precisely the approach that is proposed here in the present survey. It actually shows that the ancient knowledge we have previously mentioned enables us to provide clear responses to the questioning deriving from the UFOs phenomenon.

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