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Unidentified Flying Objects

Very significant observations

We used a novel approach to study the UFO phenomenon. We analyzed fifteen eye-witness reports, all representative of a large number of others and we drew up a typical profile of the intelligences that control UFOs. This study was conducted as a rational investigation, trying to shield ourselves from the influence that the bizarre and apparently absurd behavior of these objects might have upon us. These cases were picked out from those whose authenticity has been confirmed by a large number of experts (they were mentioned in the COMETA report). A thorough analysis can be found in the book « UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM » (in French).

Revealing observations

This is an example of the reasoning we adopted and which is illustrative of this study. Several testimonies show that there is no physical interaction between UFOs and the material world – in particular the air in which they move:

  • no sonic boom when they exceed the speed of sound;
  • no swishing sound when they move at high speed through the air;
  • no turbulence on the ground when they fly very low at high speed;
  • we even know of a UFO that was not even disturbed by shell fire although the shells fired went right through it.

In all of these observations, the laws of physics are violated. Testimonies consequently do not make sense to science. One rational reasoning could lead to the conclusion that contrary to appearances, UFOs are not in our space-time. Although they are visible in our space-time, in our material world, UFOs are actually in another world, in a different dimension or in a parallel plane.

These observations prompt us to admit that UFOs are not made of ordinary matter (matter that shapes our environment in our world). Indeed they don't operate as regular matter would. On that account, they seem to be made of a different matter, a sort of subtle matter visible in our material world but a matter that does not exist in our world. This being totally inconceivable within the laws of our current science, these objects can only obey other laws and belong in another plane, another dimension.

Other very significant observations

Similarly, UFOs seem like they are not subjected to gravity (they seem to be massless) for example when they hover in a stationary position, noiseless – meaning they are not equipped with any conventional motor (some observations of this type have been made by witnesses standing very close to the UFO). It has also been observed that they are not subjected to the law of inertia when they perform stunning accelerations or take sharp turns at high speed. Here again, no inertia means no mass. This is inconceivable from a scientific standpoint. Although UFOs are visible, it looks like they have no physical reality in our space-time and they are from another plane, another dimension.

These examples go to show that trying to figure out the UFO phenomenon using our scientific arsenal is pointless. These observations imply that the way they maneuver, UFOs do not fall within the scope of our current science. Research on this phenomenon must adopt another approach and use knowledge foreign to science. This is precisely our approach in this study. In fact, ancient knowledge (mentioned earlier) provides clear answers to the questions relative to the UFO phenomenon.

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