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Unknown Flying Objects

Ancient texts &
modern texts

Ancient texts

Paracelsus (1493-1541), a famous doctor and Swiss alchemist, published in 1535 the first book devoted to the various sorts of Elementals entitled: “The book of nymphs, sylphs, pygmies, salamanders, and of all the other spirits”. The quite significant title shows that he did know the world of such beings that populate the invisible world.

Nicolas-Pierre-Henri de Montfaucon, abbot of Villars (1635-1673), a French author, published: “the Earl of Gabalis, or talks about secret sciences” in which he wrote: “the air is full of a countless variety of peoples with human figures (sylphs) that look a little proud, yet docile indeed: lovers of science, subtle, officious to wise men, and opposed to the ignorant. […] You should know that the seas, the rivers as well as the air are populated: the ancient sages called this type of people undines and nymphs. […] The earth is filled almost down to the centre with gnomes that are of small stature, […]: they are clever, man-friendly and easily managed”.

Such knowledge stems from the ancient Cabbala (the Jewish mystic tradition).

Robert Kirk (1641-1692) : this Scottish minister published a book as well: “The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies and other fellow creatures” that was based upon the testimonials he himself collected.

We can find the following sentence in it: “the nature of fairies is said to be half way between man and the angel, they are intelligent and curious and their bodies are light and fluid. These bodies are so flexible - because of the subtleness of the spirit that makes them restless - that they can make themselves appear and disappear freely”.

“The invisible beings that haunt houses seem to belong to subterranean people (gnomes) for, although they will throw large stones, clumps of dirt and pieces of wood at their inhabitants, they apparently do not do so to harm them but for fun, like clowns and pranksters”.

Actually, the compilation of ancient available texts show that the elemental beings were present in the different cultures, religions and ancient traditions all over the world.

Walter Evans Wentz (1878-1965) : this ethnologist met dozens of witnesses to collect vivid reports about the “little people” (a name given to the fairies, the gnomes and other creatures) throughout Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. He published his work in a book entitled “the Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries”. We can read in it: “The Celts who are cultured and those who aren't will both claim that the Fairy country does exist. Such a world is an invisible world populated by countless species”.

On the other hand, “the general belief within Brittany is that the Fairies did exist but they no longer do ever since this province was altered by modern life”.

Such an observation is quite noteworthy and clearly accounts for the fact that the fairy-faith, based in those days upon the direct perception of such beings, came to an end with modernity in the countryside living conditions. The evolution of lifestyle has brought about comfort thanks to the development of technology, yet little by little, it has resulted in return in widening the gap between the humans and the natural world. In our modern age the humans have no longer the same relationship to nature than in the past, even in the countryside, which leads many of them to regard it as a field of use, and no longer as a living and fragile environment that needs to be protected.

Such a trend was accompanied by a more and more materialistic approach of the world resulting in men's losing contact with life in nature as it is embodied by the spirits of nature. They have become oblivious of the existence of fairies and of the other creatures of the little people, for they can't see them any longer. And the humans have classified as supernatural these beings that were considered as natural in the past, not being aware that they are the ones that have changed over time.

Modern texts

The trend in our science-ruled era, is to think that ancient knowledge falls more within the province of belief and therefore bears no relation to reality, particularly when such knowledge isn't confirmed by modern science. Yet on this particular issue, a great number of witnesses and many contemporary authors have given testimony of the existence of elementals, even nowadays, as they can really perceive them.

Such testimonies are little known for they can't be taken into account by most people, unconsciously acquiescent to the materialistic worldview and ignorant about such realities. They confirm however that the beings of nature do exist nowadays as they did formerly. They moreover represent the lifeblood of nature, without which nature couldn't exist.

See « Crop Circles - The keys of the mystery » by Daniel Harran : the 12 reasons of the reality of elementals beings, p. 63.

See « UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM » by Daniel Harran : p. 48-65.

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