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Unknown Flying Objects

Islamic tradition texts

Gordon Creighton (1908-2003), an English diplomat and a UFO enthusiast has compiled a number of Islamic texts dealing with Jinns (a name given to the beings of nature in this religion). Contrary to the Christian religion which hardly mentions “genii”, the Koran acknowledges the existence of 3 distinct intelligent species in the universe, the angels, the humans and jinns, and many texts mention jinns. According to Gordon Creighton: “most experts of the Koran consider that the best way to figure out what jinns are like is to see them as beings that are really very close to men and yet different from them. In other words, they live in a different dimension, in another parallel world, another time-space”.

This is how Gordon Creighton's work enables us to describe Jinns: they are usually invisible for the humans, yet they can make themselves visible and can assume any shape; they enjoy fooling the humans and even kidnapping them; they have great telepathic capacities..

Such a description that summarizes the 10 aspects detailed by Gordon Creighton, seems incredible for someone who reads about it for the first time, yet it confirms the one found in ancient texts and it is also confirmed by spiritual science.

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