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Unidentified Flying Objects

Texts from Islamic tradition

British Diplomat Gordon Creighton (1908-2003), who was also a UFO enthusiast, put together a remarkable compilation of Islamic texts where the question of jinns was raised (name given to nature beings in this religion). Unlike the Christian religion, which virtually never mentions spirits, the Koran recognizes the existence of three distinct species of intelligent beings in the Universe: Angels, Men and jinns and numerous texts explicitly mention the jinns. According to Gordon Creighton: Most of the Koran specialists consider that the best way to have a clear representation of the jinns is to see them as beings “not very distant from us, yet at the same time somehow very far from us. In other words, on some other dimension, or in some other Space/Time framework”.

Thanks to Gordon Creighton's works we can describe the jinns as follows: In their normal state they are not visible to ordinary human sight. They can, however, be visible and they can change shape. They are inveterate liars and they are addicted to the abduction of humans. They also have great telepathic skills..

This description which summarizes the ten characteristics of the jinns by Gordon Creighton may sound unbelievable to whoever hears it for the first time but it confirms the description found in ancient texts while being supported by spiritual science.

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