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Unidentified Flying Objects

Interdimensional manifestations

Regarded as mysterious for a long time and still unexplained by science, the UFO phenomenon as developed above, now has a new and consistent interpretation. It accounts for the strange behavior and forms of these objects as well as their oddest singularity: the way they maneuver, appear and disappear, defying the laws of physics. This interpretation was drawn from a rational analysis of well-known sightings and eye-witness reports validated by experts – while taking care not to get trapped in the rigidity of the patterns of thought of the materialist representation of modern science.

Going on the premise that UFOs do not belong in our space-time and that they are interdimensional manifestations (MIDIM is the correspondent acronym, in french), it is fair to say that we have reached a clear level of comprehension of the UFO phenomenon. This means that even if UFOs are visible to humans, just like any object of our material world, they are from a different dimension. What they are capable of doing – unbelievable from a scientific perspective – can be explained by the fact that they are not made of ordinary matter. They are made of subtle matter, which is unknown to science.

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