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Unknown Flying Objects

Interdimensional manifestations

The UFO phenomenon that has been regarded as mysterious and that has been unexplained by modern science for a very long time has found here a novel and consistent comprehension. It accounts for the surprising way such objects work and for their strangest singularity, the fact that their motions seem to break the laws of physics. Such a reading has been achieved through the rational examination of famous reports assessed by experts and we have been careful of not letting ourselves be shut in limiting schemata connected to the materialistic representation of modern science.

We have reached a clear comprehension of UFOs phenomena by acknowledging that such objects do not belong to our space-time, and that they are in fact interdimensional manifestations (MIDIM is the correspondent acronym, in french language). That means that, even though the UFOS are visible to us like objects of our material world, they are actually found in a different dimension. The absurd way they will behave - from the viewpoint of science - can therefore be accounted for by the fact they are not composed of ordinary matter, but of subtle matter that is not acknowledged by current science.

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