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Unidentified Flying Objects

Difference between
the authors of the manifestations
and the forms manifested

It is essential to understand that UFOs are not representations of elementals. Whether they come in the form of light or objects, these are only forms that the elementals create through which they manifest themselves to man. They live in a parallel plane and are not visible to man (except for clairvoyant people or exceptional circumstances).

Different degrees of density

We know that UFOs are – in most common cases – objects present in another dimension, made of subtle matter which is ignored by science. These objects are made denser to make themselves visible to witnesses. But the absence of mechanical interaction with ordinary matter makes this “densification” partial. This concept is reflected in our earlier remark “… even if they are visible, they do not belong in our space-time”.

UFO manifestations are very diverse and changing. From one moment to the next, these objects can be visible and then invisible, to then reappear immediately after. They can be detected by radar (from an airplane or from the ground) just as they can be visible without being detectable by radar. Some UFOs may leave tangible tracks on the ground after landing, thereby showing that these objects are totally densified the same way our environment is. This diversity means that these objects exist with several levels of density or materiality and can go from one level to another.

Following this observation, a new classification has been proposed on levels of materiality of forms manifested by elementals. Such a classification could explain a large variety of mysterious manifestations.

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