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Unknown Flying Objects

Differentiation between
the authors of the manifestations
and the things that are manifested

It is very important to realize, in the light of the elements of knowledge above, that the UFOs are not representations of Elementals. Whether they are perceived as lights or as objects, these are only shapes that have been created by them and through which they manifest themselves to men. They themselves live in a parallel world and are invisible to men (unless they are clairvoyant or with exceptional circumstances).

Various degrees of density

We have seen that the UFOs are (most frequently) objects that are found in an other dimension and that they are composed of subtle matter ignored by current science. The density of these objects was increased so as to be made visible to the witnesses, but the lack of mechanical interaction with ordinary matter shows that such a densification was only partial. This can be described in a different way by saying they do not belong to our time-space, even though they can be visible to us.

The manifestations of the UFOs are very varied and even variable: these objects can be visible and then in the next moment, invisible, before becoming visible again: they may sometimes be detected by a radar (from a plane or from a tracking station) but can be visible at other times without being detected by radars. There sometimes happens that some UFOs leave tangible tracks on the ground after landing, which shows their densification was then complete, similar to the objects in our environment. Such diversity indicates that these objects can exist at various levels of density or materiality.

Here is therefore a new classification of the levels of materiality that accounts for a great variety of strange manifestations.

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