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Unidentified Flying Objects

Description of Elemental Beings

The texts derived from the above-mentioned sources precisely depict in similar terms, beings with remarkable abilities, present in nature and connected to the earth. These beings usually do not interfere with our material world but they may manifest themselves therein. Spiritual science portrays them as follows:

  • they are very intelligent beings. They possess an extensive knowledge that is comparable to ours;
  • their body is made of subtle matter – spiritual science uses the term sub-matter – a level of density unknown to science. That is why they are invisible to us. This means they live in a different dimension or in a parallel plane;
  • but they have no spirit (even if – ironically – we call them nature spirits). The spirit represents the immortal part of a being;
  • they gibe human beings and they can play all kinds of tricks on them;
  • lastly, they are able to manifest themselves in all sorts of forms, luminous or material. H.P. Blavatsky said that these forms could be condensed to a point where they could turn solid.

Here is Patrick J. Petri's statement on the reality of nature beings: “The elemental being world is just as real as that of animals or plants, although it is no longer perceptible by our senses. Modern thought – rational and scientific – certainly gave rise to extraordinary investigations into matter but it clouded and limited its scope which led to leaving aside a whole part of reality That was a necessary stage in human evolution, but time has become perhaps for mankind to open up again to new realities”.

After reminding ourselves of this knowledge, the authenticity of which is guaranteed by the fact it is derived from different and converging sources – but still ignored by science – it should radically change things for “truth seekers” who are trying to understand nature, the origin of crop circles and the UFO phenomenon.

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