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Unknown Flying Objects

A clear answer
but a twofold difficulty

A clear answer

Such a complete correspondence between the typical portrait and the description of Elementals isn't haphazard - it makes it possible to conclude unambiguously that the UFOs' phenomena that have been examined, those that have been analyzed and investigated have been generated by Elementals.

It becomes clear that the identity of the beings found in the manifestations of the UFOs, an issue that is in the minds of all the eyewitnesses and of all the research scientists interested in this mysterious phenomenon, finds an answer at once, as soon as one learns about the existence of Elementals and of their own specificities. Yet it is true this type of knowledge is very seldom regarded as consistent nowadays and that is what mainly prevents from sharing such an interpretation of the UFOs.

A twofold difficulty

To be more precise, there are two levels of difficulty. On the one hand, as mentioned, people find it difficult today to believe in Elementals, because of the materialistic vision of the world that has been developing for a few centuries, a prevailing one nowadays.

On the other hand and nevertheless, there are a small proportion of people acknowledging the existence of Elementals. Such people have even managed to perceive them in nature, yet their perception is limited to the energetic level, which doesn't enable them to acquire a real knowledge of such beings. Actually, there are very few men and women really endowed with clairvoyance and capable of really making their way into the world of Elementals. We must indeed keep in mind that these entities are prone to make fun of men, that they have a form of brisk intelligence, which is however devoid of any sense of responsibility whenever they play tricks on men.

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