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Unidentified Flying Objects

A clear answer
but a dual difficulty

A clear answer

This perfect match between the typical profile and the description of elementals does not leave anything to chance. It unambiguously leads to the conclusion that the UFO phenomena analyzed here were created by elementals.

The identity of the entities associated with UFO manifestations which puzzles witnesses as well as researchers is an issue which unravels immediately once the existence of the elementals (and their specific features) is taken into consideration. But this information is very little known and this is a major hurdle to clear in order to fully grasp the UFO phenomenon.

A dual difficulty

More precisely, the difficulty is two-fold. a) as mentioned previously, the reality of the existence of elementals is very little known in our time and this is due to the materialist vision we have of our world. This vision has been progressing in the last centuries and is now dominant.

b) a small fraction of people do acknowledge the existence of elementals. These people even learned how to perceive them in nature but their perception is limited to the energy element, which does not allow them to gain a real understanding of these beings. Men and women graced with a real gift of clairvoyance, capable of really getting into the world of elementals, are very uncommon. Let's keep in mind that these entities have a propensity to mock humans and demonstrate a form of keen intellect when playing their tricks on humans, but they do not have any sense of responsibility.

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