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Unknown Flying Objects

A change of paradigm

We therefore come to the conclusion that a parallel world, connected to the earth, is inhabited by intelligent entities that are unknown to us, and that seeks to challenge us by all kinds of manifestations. Such entities, called beings of nature or Elementals were well-known by the Ancients, yet mankind’s evolution has resulted in their becoming invisible to us and we ended up becoming unaware of their existence.

These conclusions perfectly confirm the idea expressed by Jacques Vallée, who wrote in his book “Visa for Magonia”: “I rather believe that the UFO phenomenon is an indication of the existence of other dimensions beyond the space-time; maybe the UFOs don't come from the space but from a “multiverse” which surrounds us, of which we continue to refuse the reality in spite of the prooves we possess for many centuries”.

Such a comprehension has a prominently spiritual significance, prone to upset the way the human beings comprehend the world and the universe. With such a novel outlook, it’s a real change of paradigm that is proposed to human beings.

Yet, we must point out that a few cases of testimony about UFOs - not taken into account in this survey - are not compatible with the information we have acquired about Elementals, and that in such cases, the traditional assumption of an extraterrestrial origin could fit. The study of this testimony class will be soon developed.

The previous pages are only a very brief summary of the survey devoted to the UFOs. In view of the novelty and of the significance of the conclusions we have reached, the readers are encouraged to find out about the whole survey, published in the book « UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM » (in french).

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