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Unidentified Flying Objects

Paradigm shift

The conclusion is that a parallel world linked to Earth is populated by intelligent entities that we ignore and who are calling out to humanity through all sorts of manifestations. These entities, called nature beings or elementals, were known to ancients but humanity evolved in such a way that these entities became invisible and we grew unconscious of their existence.

This conclusion totally supports the idea expressed by Jacques Vallée in his book “Passport to Magonia”: “I'd rather believe that the UFO phenomenon is an indication of the existence of other dimensions beyond space-time. It may be that UFOs do not come from outer-space but from a “multiverse” surrounding us. And we keep denying the unnerving reality of this in spite of all the evidence we have had for centuries”.

The significance of this interpretation is eminently spiritual and it is bound to deeply change the vision we have of the universe. Based on this new viewpoint, a veritable paradigm shift is looming.

A few UFO cases however – not mentioned in this study – are not compatible with what we know of the elementals. The classic extraterrestrial hypothesis seems more appropriate in these cases. The study of this case category will be developed later.

The previous pages are only a very brief summary of the survey devoted to the UFOs. In view of the novelty and of the significance of the conclusions we have reached, the readers are encouraged to find out about the whole survey, published in the book « UFOs, crop circles & MIDIM » (in french).

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