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Unidentified Flying Objects

The study developed here on the UFO phenomenon is based on the premise that it is still totally mysterious, even though impressive amounts of resources have been dedicated to it in the last 70 years, and in the US in particular. Modern science has turned out to be unsuccessful in clearing up these enigmas although the phenomenon is real while remaining unacknowledged.

How this issue challenges our science?

UFOs are described as luminous or material objects of different shapes and capable of achievements that defy the laws of physics, e.g.:

  • they hover in a stationary position (meaning without being equipped with a conventional motor),
  • they perform stunning accelerations which no human body or even no human-made technological apparatus could withstand,
  • they change course instantly at very high speed which is incompatible with the forces of inertia,
  • they move faster than sound without any sonic boom,
  • they change form and size in front of witnesses,
  • etc.

This characteristic of continually disregarding the laws of physics means that UFOs obey other laws, unknown to science. In fact, science at this stage seems to be helpless in apprehending this type of manifestation and uncapable of explaining it.

What makes this study different is that, based on this observation, other sources of knowledge have been explored. Areas of knowledge ignored by science offer new interpretations of these phenomena and can even explain their nature. Our interpretation, which may look strange at first sight, turns out to be consistent with all of the characteristics of the UFO phenomenon.

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