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Unknown Flying Objects

The research about the UFOs that is presented here results from the acknowledgement that such a phenomenon has been mysterious to us so far, although huge financial means have been devoted to it for 70 years now, particularly in the USA. Modern Science has failed to find the key to such enigmas whose reality has nevertheless been established, although it hasn't been officially acknowledged so far.

What type of problem do we have?

The UFOs are described as bright objects or material objects in a variety of shapes, capable of performances that do not abide by the laws of Physics, such as:

  • hovering overhead noiselessly, and therefore with no proper engine,
  • accelerating like lightening, at a speed that neither human bodies nor human technology aircrafts could put up with,
  • changing course instantly at top speed, which is incompatible with the law of inertia,
  • moving faster than the speed of sound without generating the supersonic bang,
  • changing shape or size while witnesses were watching,
  • etc.

Breaking constantly the laws of Physics, the UFOs specificity here, means that they obey other laws, unknown by science. Actually, current science cannot account for this type of manifestations and is inexpert to clarify their nature.

The novelty of this investigation lies upon the fact that following such an acknowledgement, other bases of knowledge have been sought out. Some knowledge unknown by science has made it possible to interpret such phenomena and to clarify their nature. Such an interpretation that may seem surprising at first makes the UFO phenomenon comprehensive.

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