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Inter-Dimensional Manifestations

Moving rocks
in the Death Valley

Such a phenomenon was observed in one place: in the Death Valley, California. The pictures speak for themselves to describe what it looks like. It looks as if rocks that may weigh more than several dozens of kgs, without human interference and under the effect of a mysterious force, are sliding over the practically flat surface of an ancient dried up lake. Such movements that can cover several hundred of meters, are confirmed by the deep scars left on the clay soil, showing that the rocks have slid over several hundred meters without rolling. Yet, nobody has ever seen nor videotaped these rocks as they were moving.

Moving rock in the Death Valley
Moving rock in the Death Valley

Several theories have tried to account scientifically for such rock moving, by including the combination of a water film or of an ice film brought by rains, with a strong wind. Some rocks have even been equipped with a Nav/Sat so as to provide remote information regarding such movements.

Moving rock in the Death Valley

Yet, such theories cannot account for sudden 90° or even 180° turns, as shown in some photographs, as such changes of direction do not affect all the rocks. If observing the scars – a hole at the bottom and mud along the edges – seemed to confirm that such movements had occurred as the soil had been drenched by the rain, for the strength of the wind alone couldn't account for such complexes movements.

Moving rock in the Death Valley

Another mysterious force, unknown by the investigators, seems to contribute to it, and the same question remains: what can this force be? On the basis of the knowledge previously mentioned, we propose the following conclusion: the Elementals populating that spot have decided to manifest themselves to men with their leaving obvious traces of their intervention. We know in any case that they really are capable of doing so and that they enjoy puzzling men to enjoy the way they react. That's also part of their specificity, according to spiritual science. The moving rocks therefore are one more example of MIDIM.

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