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Inter-Dimensional Manifestations

A great variety among Elementals

The phenomena in the list above are always manifestations of intelligent entities from the invisible world into men's material world. We have seen that Elementals are the only beings present on the earth that are capable of manifesting themselves in such a way (human souls do not manifest themselves thus). The great frequency of such manifestations that have been observed for a very long time everywhere round the world, makes it possible to attribute consistently these phenomena to such entities: it's needless to turn to hypothetical extraterrestrial assumptions.

We may wonder not only about the origin of each of such phenomena but also about their meaning, their justification, and we can find the responses to this in their very specificity.

As for the crop circles, thorough research about them has made it possible to provide precise responses. What such manifestations mean first is that they are meant to attract men's attention, to remind them that other forms of living intelligences exist at invisibles levels, and that there is a wider world still than the material world within which men have been enclosing themselves.

A gnome []
Illustration © Godo

We have also demonstrated that through the exceptional concentration of crop circles in Wiltshire County in England, close to sites such as Stonehenge, Silbury hill and the representation of white horses, their authors intend to send us a warning signal. The way such megaliths as well as this artificial hill were built in the “prehistoric” age has remained mysterious so far. Actually, those sites, those “crop circles attractors” were built by a people whose type of knowledge belonged to a civilization prior to ours and then lost in oblivion. Such a concentration in one and the same spot may mean: “Remember Atlantis”, and leads us to becoming aware of the danger of self-destruction in our present civilization.

And we have demonstrated also that, if these crop circles that have been achieved by beings of nature, Elementals, they have actually been executed on the initiative of beings of the spiritual hierarchy that are the guides of mankind. It is in that light that such a phenomenon becomes highly significant.

Photo of an Elemental
Photo © Maryse
Photo of an Elemental
Photo © Riccardo

Yet, even as regards the crop circles, a small number of items have revealed the playful nature of their authors, for example in 2009 and 2011, and again in 2016, when caricatures of ET faces were executed. Such examples are the indication of the mischievous nature of Elementals that are not aware of the confusion they may create upon men's minds. Spiritual science mentions that type of behavior as a specific feature of Elementals.

As for the UFOs manifestations – the great number of bright or material objects and their fleeting appearance in the sky – they seem to be merely aiming at attracting men's attention and at showing them that the invisible world is populated by other forms of living intelligences. Their conducts that cannot be confirmed by the laws of science are undoubtedly meant to interest the humans more and more insistently and there's also there the aim to baffle them and make fun of them. Rockfalls, objects disappearing, moving rocks, here are a few more examples of what can indicate such motivations too.

We will see in the next paragraphs that with most of the mysterious phenomena recorded in Col de Vence (France), the entity that has initiated such manifestations has clearly been aiming – without ever manifesting explicitly - at helping a few men in their confused research to find out about the nature of such phenomena.

On the other hand, the authors of abductions and disappearances of human beings, as well as the authors of animal mutilations are neither benevolent nor respectful towards men nor towards animals, their motivations being of a different kind. We'll see that contrary to common belief, that types of phenomena can be also found as part of the doings of Elementals, indicating then both their great independence towards men and animals and their great interest in them.

The manifestations as “men in black” (that are other forms of inter dimensional manifestations still) aim at baffling and affecting witnesses through weird human appearances.

So, the various forms under which Elementals manifest themselves reveal a great diversity among such beings. Such conclusion is very significant, yet considering the great diversity of human beings on earth, and the great diversity of animals as well, there's nothing surprising in it.

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