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Abductions at Col de Vence!

The human abduction phenomenon is probably both the most spectacular and the most incomprehensible form of these dazzling phenomena, and we can understand why ufology fans are so concerned about it, being as it is directly in relation with human life. Now, if no human abduction was ever recorded around Col de Vence, on the other hand, the disappearance of two dogs, and then their return somewhere else, was reported in details in the book “Les mystères du Col de Vence”.

Col de Vence: le Plateau des Idoles et le Puy de Tourettes []

August 1994. “Before his dinner with his friends of the Col de Vence team at a restaurant in the hinterland of Nice , Jean-Pierre had walked his two dogs into his car and fed them, then he had locked the doors, making sure that the window pane was partly open. After the meal, he decided to hop outside to make sure everything was alright, and then found out at his great amazement that his dogs were no longer there! The doors were still locked and obviously, considering the sizes of the dogs, they couldn't have slipped out of the car through the gap in the half open window pane. They couldn't have left the cars by their own means.”

“Jean-Pierre, quite affected, warned all his friends in the restaurant. They together took a close look at the situation. The car had no suspect print on it. After unlocking the doors, Jean-Pierre ensured the device was not damaged. The disappearance of the dogs was all the more incomprehensible that their relation to their master was very special. Everyone started searching the whole place, calling the two dogs. Yet, no reply, not the least indication! Aware of Jean-Pierre's dismay, the group of friends decided to divide into several teams to blanket the whole area by car.”

“The hunts were fruitless and Jean-Pierre brought himself to drive back to Nice in the middle of the night with his friends. The restaurant owner spent the next morning contacting by phone the locals he was acquainted with. The description of the dogs was thus propagated. At the beginning of the next afternoon he heard that Jean-Pierre's two dogs had been seen 10 miles away from the restaurant. The two animals had reflexively kept together, yet they couldn't be approached by strangers.”

“Yet, as soon as they saw Jean-Pierre, the two dogs dashed to him, recognizing effusively their master. Such a reunion show was quite touching for all the people around. The two dogs were perfectly OK, yet a little bewildered in that large area they had never been to. How they had left the car was absolutely puzzling. We are tempted, under such strange circumstances, to relate the incident to the numerous other “oddities” that had occurred in that area.”

Let's mention that although unexplained disappearances of various objects had been rather common so far at Col de Vence, such a disappearance of animals was a first and it has never been repeated ever since.

To sum up the facts objectively, two dogs had been removed from a car that was locked, with no force turning of the lock, no bodily injury -the dogs being found safe and sound. It looks as though the dogs had been dematerialized, or in other words, had gone through a subtle dimension that had made it possible for them to get off the car, and then they had been re-materialized somewhere else.

Let's mention that such a process of densification followed by dematerialization, then re-materialization, is a common one with the UFOs: they will often go through sequences of visibility, followed by invisibility and again visibility for the people watching them, and also for radar operators keeping watch on their radar screens.

To relate that to the different levels of materiality mentioned above, we can say the evacuation of the car had been made possible by lowering the level of density of the dogs to less than Mat 6, which was therefore a de-materialization of their bodies, and then by rematerializing them farther away in the area. The full investigation about the UFOs has actually shown there is no mechanical interaction between two different dimensions and, in this specific case, between the subtle world in which the dogs had been dragged and the dense material world our environment is made of. In other words, after the dogs had undergone the process of de-densification, the car in which they had been locked in before, “existed no longer” for them, since it didn't exist in their time-space. They then could be removed from it, as if they exit through the doors or the roof. That's why we can describe such an event as a MIDIM

Keeping this in mind allows us to think that the temporary disappearance of the dogs can truly have been caused by Elementals for they can control matter, as we have seen with the UFOs. We have seen they are not only capable of manifesting bright and material forms with various levels of materiality, but they also can also operate in the same way with objects in our environment, including the physical bodies of living creatures.

The episode of the dog abduction is one more demonstration of what Elementals are capable of doing. It seems sensible and natural to think that what has been done with dogs could be done with any other living creature, even with human beings… Such an event has an extremely valuable educational value, shedding a new light upon the phenomenon of abduction of humans.

There is nevertheless a difference between human abduction and dog abduction… dogs couldn't report on what had happened between the time when their master had left them in the locked car and the time when they were found the next day, whereas a great many abducted humans have reported on what they have experienced, which quite often includes their meeting with non-human but humanoid looking beings. Such reports are of great importance to grasp the various aspects of the processes at work in such abductions, they will be a subject for further research.

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