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Inter-Dimensional Manifestations

As we have seen, crop circles and UFOs are MIDIM (french acronym for Inter-Dimensional Manifestations), by which beings belonging to different dimensions - as has been demonstrated, Elementals in most cases – give thus to the humans signs of their presence. Yet, there are other forms of MIDIM, still regarded today as mysterious phenomena whose origin is unknown. A long non-exhaustive list of them can be given:

  • the already mentioned crop circles;
  • UFOs, as well;
  • orbs, previously mentioned in the materiality classification;
  • unexplained rock falls;
  • emissions of strange sounds (also called poltergeist);
  • disappearance of various objects;
  • abduction of human beings;
  • disappearance of human beings;
  • “Men In Black”;
  • unexplained animal mutilations;
  • moving rocks (in particular in the Death Valley in the USA);
  • crying or bleeding statues or paintings;
  • marian apparitions;
  • spiritualist phenomena.
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Such a list seems very eclectic, yet all such little-known phenomena whose reality has nevertheless been demonstrated, are still unexplained by current science. For each of them, observations have demonstrated that they were operated by a non-human invisible intelligence. That is moreover why several of them have usually led to the assumption of an extraterrestrial origin.

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